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Wireless Services Company OSNet Expands with use of Ubersmith Subscription Management Software

By November 19, 2019June 27th, 2022No Comments

Company based in Puerto Rico grows, expands usage of Ubersmith software to financial reporting, forecasting and customer support OSNet built on delivering high-quality service to remote areas, now growing commercial customer base

NEW YORK and HUMACAO, PUERTO RICO, November 19, 2019 – OSNet delivers internet and telecommunications services using wireless and fiber technology with 50 employees that serve 500 customers for a total of 2,000 residential and 3,500 commercial users, including Microsoft and Toyota. Early on, OSNet grew beyond its homegrown billing software and switched to billing and business management software from Ubersmith, an INAP (NASDAQ: INAP) company, and has since expanded its use for financial reporting and forecasting, as well as customer support.

“While we are a relatively small company, we think big,” said Ivan Rivera, founder and CEO of OSNet. “That’s one of the reasons we started with Ubersmith years ago knowing we could keep growing with the same system for billing and support services – and indeed we keep growing, especially on the commercial side of our business, with the confidence that the Ubersmith software can serve our needs to help us deliver outstanding customer service.”

“We maintain all customer profile information, along with handling all service support requests using the Ubersmith software,” explains Karen Rodriguez, operations manager, OSNet. “Through the Ubersmith client portal, our customers can access the same information so there are no discrepancies in client profiles, billing and service-related information.”

Rodriguez said the Ubersmith software is “friendly and easy to use” so that today, there are OSNet employees using the Ubersmith software in accounting, client services, service departments, plus another 100 users that are OSNet customers.

“OSNet is a great example of a company that starts small implementing the Ubersmith software for a specific purpose – and typically that is subscription billing at the outset – and then expands the usage both in terms of numbers of users and functional areas to help with running business operations more efficiently,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith.

The OSNet network provides coverage over 90 percent of Puerto Rico with radio frequency technology that extends into areas that otherwise are not possible, which enables OSNet to deliver high-quality services, especially to underserved areas of the island.

About OSNet

OSNet is a provider of wireless internet and telecommunications services to business and residential customers in Puerto Rico. Its exclusive networks cover 90 percent of Puerto Rico using wireless and fiber technology running Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) for high performance. OSNet headquarters are located in Humacao with other facilities on the island in Bayamon and Yauco, plus additional call centers in Venezuela, Costa Rica and Colombia that are all dedicated to delivering high quality customer service and technical support.

About Ubersmith

Ubersmith, an INAP (NASDAQ: INAP) company, is a leader in subscription management software for the cloud and beyond. Headquartered in New York, Ubersmith provides billing, infrastructure, and ticketing solutions that are open, scalable, and integrated. Organizations worldwide rely on Ubersmith to better serve their customers and better run their businesses. Ubersmith customers include Codero, DataBank, Endurance International Group, GMO, Lumos, Namecheap, NS1, Sitey, T5, and WOW.