Designed and integrated to save your team time and effort


Configure departments for each
of your public facing email addresses.


Associate tickets to clients, even
service and devices to save time
and keep organized.


Log crucial data for each ticket
including response time, priority,
impact and resolution.


Easy, 24/7 client

Ubersmith’s email-based ticketing system insures you’ll never miss a message from your clients and they’ll never miss one from you. Organize all aspects of your client communications from one easy to use interface.


User configurable

Departments in Ubersmith help you keep your teams organized and on task. Support is just the beginning. Manage your sales and billing tickets just as easily from the same interface. Ubersmith can receive tickets at any number of incoming email addresses and sort them into the appropriate departments automatically.


Sensible email-
based filters

In addition to sorting automatically by department, Ubersmith’s support manager can be configured with any number of smart filters to help you automate your client communication even more. Clearing spam, prioritizing VIPs and jumping on emergencies is all possible and easy to set up.


Tightly tied-in with billing
and device management

What makes Ubersmith different from other support ticketing systems is the integration with billing system. Before your staff even know a ticket has been received, Ubersmith has associated it with the relevant client account, saving them time. What’s more, once a ticket is associated with a client, it can be further tied to an individual service, device, order and/or quote.


Schedule ticket
related tasks

Ubersmith’s ticket timers let the user automate actions. Simply specify the date and time and Ubersmith can automatically change a ticket’s status or priority, move it between departments or even send a pre-written response to the client.

Trusted by leading organizations.

"Ubersmith is at the core of our business. Every person in our company uses the product - from customer support to sales to operations."

James CornmanCTO and Co-Founder

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