Learn more about getting started with Ubersmith

Once you sign up for Ubersmith, here’s what you can expect:

First, you’ll receive login credentials to our portal. There, you can submit and view support tickets, pay an invoice, set up your team in Ubersmith, and much more. You can then let us know who should have access and what kind of access they should have.

As a supported customer, you can also open support tickets by emailing support@ubersmith.com. Tickets are responded to based on priority and time received. You will generally receive a response within one business day at the latest. The US-based Ubersmith support office is open weekdays from 8am to 6pm Eastern Time with some additional Eastern Hemisphere coverage based in Asia. You can also call us toll-free at 877.438.8237 when needed. If you have an emergency, you can page our support team by emailing 911@ubersmith.com.

If you are using our on-premise version of the product, you can easily install or upgrade Ubersmith with our self-service installer (or you can request our team to do the installation.) Our hosted customers are set up by our team directly.

General documentation about Ubersmith can be found at: https://docs.ubersmith.com.

The first thing we will need in order to proceed with an on premise installation is hosts that meet our system requirements:

Please note that these requirements call for two different servers. If you are not using Ubersmith for bandwidth billing or other monitoring, you will only need to provide the first server described in the documentation.

In addition to the information for reaching these hosts, we need to know the URL you intend to use for the web UI.

For the duration of the install process, please ensure that HTTP and HTTPS connections are open to the public, and that a DNS ‘A’ record exists for the URL / address that you plan to use for Ubersmith. This will also allow our deployment process to automatically configure a free Let’s Encrypt certificate to secure your web and mail server.

If we will be performing the install, please ensure the following IPs, are whitelisted in advance:

Once you get back to us with these items, we can schedule your installation. Once that is complete, you will be ready to successfully leverage Ubersmith for your business needs.

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