Self-service interface for your customers

Ubersmith - Portal ticket view
Ubersmith - Portal Hero


Customers log in to the same system that your staff does


Let your customers see the full breadth of their accounts with you


Control what your customers can see and add customized links

Ubersmith - Potal client login
Customer Login

A single system for your users

Our solution includes a built-in portal to allow your customers to keep track of and manage their own accounts from a single interface. There is no need for additional software to install and no additional cost to you.

Multiple Contacts

Authorized contacts

Track the names and email addresses of everyone you deal with in a customer organization. Each contact can have their own login to the portal. Control individual access levels of each contact.

Ubersmith - Portal Multiple Contacts
Ubersmith - Portal Billing Summary
Ubersmith - Portal Billing Summary
Billing Summary

Complete account

Once logged in to our customer portal, contacts can review their full account history. This includes all past invoices, payments and account credits. Customer can review their current balance and submit payments.

Ticket View

Support ticket

Customers can review any support tickets associated with their account. Individual contacts can open new tickets or post replies to current tickets. The full history of past tickets on their account is viewable and fully searchable.

Ubersmith - Portal ticket view
Ubersmith - Portal device management
Device Management


Customer contacts can conveniently review the status of any of their devices, regardless of its physical location. Our integration with networked power units lets customers reboot their devices on demand.

Trusted by leading organizations

"Ubersmith is at the core of our business. Every person in our company uses the product - from customer support to sales to operations."

James CornmanCTO and Co-Founder

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