Dozens of built-in reports to track your business


Includes vital reports on multiple
sides of your business, billing, support,
devices and sales


Global event logs for the billing, support
and device managers track every move your
staff and customers make


Our built in Monthly Recurring Revenue report gives you a proper breakdown of what parts of your business are growing and which parts are shrinking


billing reports

Ubersmith’s client manager reports can give you a thorough snap-shot of how your business is doing. From your monthly recurring revenue to a breakdown of recent cancellations, Ubersmith has it covered. Our reports will give you everything you need to bring your business to the next level.


Support team

Ubersmith’s support manager reports helps show you where the work is being done. Department reports show you which section of your business is seeing the most activity and staff statistics show you who your MVPs are. Add in a full event log and client level reports and you won’t be able to help but improve your team’s efficiency.


Device related
usage reports

Ubersmith’s device manager reports help you keep your datacenters organized and running smoothly. Reports tracking IP address usage, VLANs and even the total physical space in your datacenter are all included.

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"Ubersmith is at the core of our business. Every person in our company uses the product - from customer support to sales to operations."

James CornmanCTO and Co-Founder

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