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Version 5.0.2

By June 20, 2024July 2nd, 2024No Comments


Please note that the Duo Universal Prompt is only supported in Ubersmith 5.0.2 onwards and earlier versions should remain using the Traditional Duo Prompt.

Support for the Traditional Duo Prompt (Web SDK v2) ended on March 30, 2024. If you use Duo for 2FA, please follow these steps to upgrade to the Duo Universal Prompt (Web SDK v4):

  • Upgrade Ubersmith to 5.0.2.
  • Reference the Duo Universal Prompt Update Guide and enable the Duo Universal Prompt.
  • In Ubersmith under Settings -> User Authentication -> Two-Factor Modules, check that the Client ID, Client Secret, and API Hostname fields are correct.



  • Improved validation of email input fields
  • Upgraded Duo two-factor module to support Duo Universal Prompt

Client Manager

  • Updated services to not allow negative unit prices

Support Manager

  • Added ability to change ticket status on view ticket page without needing to submit a ticket response
  • Added ability to restore last session when writing ticket responses if session is lost before ticket response is sent
  • Added Show Remote Images option to ticket posts containing images from external sources


  • Improved filtering of reports so graph date filters will match report date filters

Plugins & API

  • Added uber.tax_rate_add and uber.tax_rate_edit API methods



  • Fixed issue with QuickBooks Web Connect not properly handling UTF-8 encoding
  • Fixed incorrect validation labeling for text_secure custom fields

Client Manager

  • Fixed issue  where invoice amount outstanding would be missing when using custom invoice PDF template
  • Added missing ##invoice_body## option to invoice reminders variables list
  • Fixed error in client profile when preferred language is not set