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Version 4.6.3

By March 27, 2023March 29th, 2023No Comments

Important Note

As of 4.6.3, container images for Ubersmith will be originating from instead of

As such, a container image previously served from will now be served from

Container images for versions older than 4.6.3 will remain on Please make sure to update your infrastructure (such as outgoing proxies) as needed.



  • Added an advisory warning when deleting a brand

Client Manager

  • Added Union Pay as an accepted credit card
  • Added the ability to configure how long Paypal payments will be considered “pending” before being removed, and how to notify when this occurs
  • Added the ability to specify the date/time of an invoice payment
  • Added the “password” field type for service modules configuration items
  • Upgraded Braintree and Braintree Token (previously Braintree Extend) payment gateways to use latest SDK version

Device Manager

  • Added a 1.5s timeout when invoking ipmitool binaries (ipmipower, bmc-info, and ipmi-sensors)


  • Added filtering capability to the Support Staff Overview report by time period and user status
  • Added ability to download CSV for the Support Staff Statistics report

Plugins & API

  • Added device.device_module_report API method which returns the output of the report method of a specified device and device module
  • Added report.report_customers_time_tracking API method which provides the ability to retrieve ticket time spent data for a list of customers over a defined time period, filterable by department, classification, begin, end, etc.
  • Added report.report_staff_time_tracking API method which provides the ability to retrieve ticket time spent data for a list of admin users over a defined time period, filterable by department, classification, begin, end, etc.
  • Added report.report_customer_revenue API method which provides the ability to retrieve a list of revenue per customer over a defined time period
  • Added the ability to record a payment using Alipay with the client.invoice_post_gw_payment API method
  • Added support.ticket_add_link API method to link support tickets
  • Automatically mask passwords in plugin logs
  • Added uber.uber_check_user_twofactor API method to verify if a user has TFA enabled



  • Fixed clients being redirected to SSO login page on incorrect password
  • Optimized primary keys of many database tables
  • Fixed QuickBooks for Desktop (QBWC) accepting disallowed characters in invoice line description field

Client Manager

  • Fixed invoice PDF generation to use correct “Letter” format (8.5in x 11in)
  • Fixed Alipay payment integration incorrectly marking cancelled transactions as successful
  • Fixed the Ticket Billing service module “View Tickets” link not correctly showing tickets with overages
  • Fixed Enom domain renewals failing
  • Fixed error when attempting to close a billing dispute on an invoice
  • Renamed Braintree Extend payment gateway to Braintree Token
  • Fixed error when attempting to change a client email address when admin is using AD authentication
  • Fixed domain renewal reminders being incorrectly sent to deactivated clients
  • Fixed Braintree Token (formerly Braintree Extend) payment gateway not sending CVV when available
  • Fixed Braintree Token (formerly Braintree Extend) failing when using “Pay Invoice in Full” in test mode
  • Fixed Service Plan Event Log not showing update details
  • Fixed Braintree Token (formerly Braintree Extend) not correctly performing SCA/3D Secure 2.0 in live mode

Support Manager

  • Fixed searching when viewing tickets for a specific client
  • Fixed error in emails when using the “Only Accept New Tickets from Authorized contacts” feature

Device Manager

  • Priority is now a required field when creating/modifying DNS records
  • Fixed Switch Information device module not handling dual-port NICs correctly
  • Fixed PowerDNS incorrectly truncating zone metadata to 10 characters, and added support for the CAA record type

Order Manager

  • Orders and order tickets are now correctly indexed and will show in search results
  • Fixed incorrect handling of timestamps which could lead to a fatal error
  • Fixed the Open Ticket order action to support multiple nesting levels in variables (e.g. ##pack1[options][1000]##)

Client Portal

  • Fixed some links incorrectly pointing to the admin portal, leading to “no access” error pages

Plugins & API

  • Fixed device.event_list API method not returning any data
  • Fixed device.ip_group_list API method incorrectly including IP groups not assigned to any client when providing a specific client_id parameter
  • Fixed the support.ticket_post_staff_response API method so attachments are now correctly included in emailed responses
  • Fixed the client.service_list and device.list API methods so that when the modules parameters is set, the modules return values are correctly populated instead of being empty