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Version 4.5.4

By June 23, 2020September 14th, 2021No Comments


  • Optimized performance and stability of Global Event Log reports for larger event logs by transitioning to cursor-based pagination

Client Manager

  • Added support for OnApp 6.2
  • Added support for the legacy Alipay Cross-Border PC and Mobile Payment product
  • Improved Paysafe Token payment gateway support of SCA 3D Secure 2.0 challenges
  • Added SCA 3D Secure 2.0 liability shift acceptance configuration matrix for PaySafe Token payment gateway

Order Manager

  • Updated the MaxMind MinFraud order module to use the new MaxMind API hostname

Sales Manager

  • Added Advanced Search capabilities for Opportunities and Quotes

Client Portal

  • Added 3D Secure 2.0 support to Client Portal quote signing process

Plugins & API

  • Add report.ticket_event_log API method which returns a list of Ticket Event Log entries using cursor paginated results (current/refresh, next and previous page URL links are provided in the response alongside the data)
  • Added documentation for the order.create info parameter array as method notes
  • Added two new API methods, report.global_event_log and report.device_event_log, which return a list of Global Event Log entries and Device Event Log entries, respectively, using cursor paginated results (current/refresh, next and previous page URL links are provided in the response alongside the data)


  • Removed duplicate “dashboard” mentions on Clients, Devices and Sales dashboard pages
  • Fixed a bug where the LDAP User Authentication Module would ignore port setting when SSL/TLS was enabled
  • Fixed maintenance mode returning a 500 internal server error

Client Manager

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the Bandwidth Notification service module to incorrectly display a “Module not configured” error
  • Fixed a bug where the first payment made on a new service linked to a domain could in some cases incorrectly renew the domain
  • Fixed a bug where the ##currenttotal## variable for invoice notices could include an amount credited on the invoice as an outstanding amount
  • Fixed a bug which allowed services with Usage Plans to be configured as “Post-Renew: No”, and updated tooltip text accordingly
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent navigating billing periods for services with Usage Plans
  • Fixed a bug where Pre-bill services with set end dates would incorrectly invoice for the entire period, instead of just the time between the last renewal date and the end date
  • Fixed a bug which prevented disabling the 2CheckOut payment processor
  • Fixed a bug which prevented assigning a Rate Plan to a Service Plan from the Rate Plan details page, as well as saving Rate Plan option pricing when adding a Rate Plan option from the Rate Plan details page
  • Fixed an error which could occur when re-adding a previously deleted credit card when using the Paysafe Token payment gateway
  • Fixed a bug with the Sagepay payment gateway which could return a “The BrowserAcceptHeader field is missing” error in some cases
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent updating a credit card expiration date from accordingly updating the configured payment gateway
  • Temporarily disabled the SCA 3D Secure 2.0 implementation for the Sagepay Token payment gateway, as Sagepay has disabled their 4.00 API protocol (which is required for SCA 3D Secure 2.0 support) until further notice

Support Manager

  • Ticket Custom Fields of “date” type are now saved in a more intuitive way

Device Manager

  • Fixed Interface Type not being saved properly when creating or editing a Device Type

Order Manager

  • Fixed an “undefined variable” error notice on Order Forms when using a card issuing a 3D Secure 2.0 challenge with Stripe

Plugins & API 

  • Fixed an issue with the order.create API method not correctly applying Rate Plans to Service Plan Upgrade Options
  • Fixed a bug which prevented false values to be passed to a required boolean Custom Field in multiple API methods by introducing a new “No Default” option when defining boolean Custom Field, on top of “Checked” and “Unchecked” options, which allows marking a boolean Custom Field as required
  • Improved client.invoice_charge API method documentation for the billing_info_id parameter, and added a clear error message when no default payment method could be found
  • Updated the documentation for the order.coupon_add API method to correctly indicate that it is required to provide either the description or description_* parameter
  • Fixed an “undefined index” error notice when calling the client.service_list API method
  • Fixed a bug with the uber.service_plan_metadata_updateAPI method which prevented updating metadata on services in different brands
  • Fixed order.coupon_updateAPI method was not correctly updating the active parameter.
  • Fixed a merging issue with the QuickBooks Online Exporter plugin which could occur when Ubersmith clients have the same email
  • Fixed the client.service_updateAPI method incorrectly cancelling a service when setting its end date through the end parameter to 0
  • Fixed an issue with the OnApp plugin not allowing connection to an OnApp instance with a self-signed SSL certificate