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Version 4.5.3

By March 27, 2020September 14th, 2021No Comments


  • Upgraded to PHP 7.3, which brings further performance improvements and more PHP language features for plugin development

Client Manager

  • Renamed ACH Direct merchant gateway to Forte
  • Improved positioning of Search button on many pages throughout Ubersmith

Device Manager

  • Autocomplete suggestions on the switch field of the Add New Simple Connection popup now triggers after the first character is typed, instead of the fourth
  • Added support for SuperMicro BMC firmware releases 3.79 and 3.80 to the IPMI Information device module


  • Removed the ability to login or change password via GET requests
  • Updated Certificate Authorities Root Certificates file (used for SSL authentication)
  • Fixed database schema definition which could cause issues when upgrading Ubersmith against MySQL 5.7

Client Manager

  • Fixed services list export in Client Portal not including child services
  • Fixed invoice generation popup to correctly display and restrict which billing periods can be invoiced for a given service
  • Fixed an issue when charging credit cards using the Paysafe Token gateway
  • Fixed missing street parameter when updating a tokenized card in Paysafe Token gateway

Support Manager

  • Fixed incorrect calculation of Total Time Spent under Support Staff Statistics

Device Manager

  • Fixed support for ALIAS and NAPTR DNS record types

Plugins & API 

  • Fixed documentation of conditionally required parameters for API methods device_ip_group_list, device_ip_assignment_list and client_credit_apply
  • Fixed QuickBooks Online Exporter plugin not correctly handling duplicate client names when performing initial export
  • Fixed the plugin logger only storing 10000 entries at a time (limit has been increased to 500000 entries)