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Version 4.5.1

By December 10, 2019September 14th, 2021No Comments


  • Added option in Settings → General Settings to accept X-Forwarded-For headers for IP addresses within a valid RFC 1918 IP range for session security purposes

Client Manager

  • Added support for SCA (3D Secure 2.0) to the Sage Pay payment gateway
  • Added relevant 3D Secure 2.0 information and process description outline to be displayed when the process is triggered

Support Manager

  • Uniformized capitalization of “Ticket”

Device Manager

  • Added support for Juniper NETCONF


  • Fixed vertical alignment of action buttons next to page header
  • Custom Fields of type “date” are now displayed in human readable format in Advanced Search

Client Manager

  • Improved error messages of the Bandwidth Billing service module to better explain configuration issues and provide possible pointers on how to address them
  • Renamed the “Money received” Client Manager dashboard quick report to “Total Payments Received” for consistency and made if follow permission Admin → Report & Stats → Client Mgr Reports → Payments Received
  • Fixed some incorrect instructions on the CCBill form widget
  • Fixed a visible “Undefined index: credit_message” PHP notice appearing in the Send Invoice popup in some cases
  • Fixed a bug in the Litle & Co. Vault payment gateway configuration which caused a configured custom endpoint URL to not properly display as configured
  • Fixed location of currency symbol on 3D Secure 2.0 popups

Support Manager

  • Improved cleanup of existing permissions when deleting a department
  • The “Update ticket” Ticket Timer action will now use the original ticketʼs subject value if the “Update subject” field is left blank

Device Manager

  • Fixed title alignment issue on View Rack page when a rack doesn’t have a client associated
  • Adjusted the tooltip of the configuration Reboot Control Priority of the Reboot Control device module to be more accurate

Order Manager

  • Fixed a bug that prevented new Order Forms to pass the billing step when using Stripe Checkout
  • Fixed a bug where credit card validation was incorrectly being executed even if credit card was not the payment method selected in an Order Form

Plugins & API

  • Fixed a bug in client.cc_update API method where updating a non-tokenized credit card with the Paysafe Token payment gateway would fail with a Luhn checksum error
  • CloudStack module and CloudStack plugin will now properly handle JSON responses with non-utf8 characters
  • Fixed a validation bug in device.ip_group_list API method when the device_id parameter is provided