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Version 4.4.2

By August 12, 2019September 14th, 2021No Comments


  • Added a configurable option to allow password caching for LDAP and Active Directory authentication modules
  • Improved performance of the Global Event Log report and restricted default view to last 3 months of log entries

Plugins & API

  • Added a configurable timeout value when fetching usage data for CloudStack plugin and CloudStack Billing service module

Client Manager

  • Fixed a Stripe payment gateway issue where a partial refund would refund the entire amount

Support Manager

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect ticket time spent values after splitting tickets
  • Fixed an issue with Ticket Timers not sending followup emails

Device Manager

  • Fixed an issue where power status was being temporarily set to null for IPMI devices when updating power status
  • Fixed a bug which prevented updating Switch Information if the device’s model was missing or corrupted from the appliance database


  • Fixed a fatal error on the Admin User Log detailed report when specifying a date range
  • Fixed a fatal error on the Admin User Log detailed report when specifying a date range

Plugins & API

  • Incremented version of API binding class.uber_api_client.php to better reflect reality of recent changes
  • Added missing documention for the with_ips parameter of the device.ip_group_list API method which, when used with the client_id parameter, allows listing only IP Groups which contain IP addresses assigned to the specified client
  • Fixed an issue with order.coupon_update API method not working as expected
  • Fixed an issue with the QuickBooks Online Exporter plugin which could cause new credits to be created twice in QBO, and prevent a payment from being created in QBO when applied to an invoice
  • Fixed QuickBooks Online Exporter plugin not exporting credits into QBO during initial export process
  • Added an Event\Billing\AfterCreditApplied event hook that is called when a credit is applied to an invoice as payment


  • Removed System Requirements check for existence of .htaccess files as they are no longer relevant