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Version 4.3.0

By November 27, 2018October 26th, 2020No Comments

IMPORTANT: If you’re been using Ubersmith prior to 2012 and have custom service modules or use our switch management, control panel or power management service modules, please contact prior to upgrading.

  • Updated PHP to 7.1
  • Added options to Settings -> Billing allowing a notification email to be sent if the daily invoicing task doesn’t finish within the specified time

Client Manager

  • Updated lists of Service Plans so they’re ordered alphabetically
  • Added ability to reassign client relationships when an admin user is disabled
  • Added AWS Billing integration
  • Domains are now renewed on invoice payment rather than waiting for next renewal date
  • Added support for 3rd party cancellation of Billing Agreements
  • Allow Usage Plan resources to be added and propagated to active services
  • Invoice cron now forces cancellation of services with an end date with non-cancelled status

Support Manager

  • Updated View Ticket page so quoted text is collapsed by default


  • Improved perfomance of Invoice / Renewal Calendar, New Service Payments Calendar and Normalized Recurring Revenue reports


  • Added uber.system_info API method
  • Added comment_type parameter to the uber.attachment_list API method, to specify the comment type when attach_type parameter is set to comment
  • Added brand_id parameter to the uber.login_list API method
  • Updated documentation of client.lookup API method supported parameters
  • Added facility_id parameter to client.service_add and client.service_update API methods
  • Added email as a supported field to the client.find_similar API method
  • Added refund_to_credit_balance possible value to the refund_type parameter for client.payment_refund API method


  • Added new cron hook
  • Added “Markup” resource type to Usage Plans datasources, which fetches calculated value from an external service and applies an optional markup


  • Fixed display of many popups to better display on some specific resolutions
  • Removed references to Ubersmith from reset password page and client portal
  • Fixed uncaught exception when viewing Notification Type Subscribers page
  • Fixed issue where additional module controls wouldn’t show in the module title bar

Client Manager

  • Improved invoice cron perfomance by getting rid of superfluous operations
  • Fixed changes to Control Panel Account Manager Module not saving properly
  • Fixed Optimal Payments gateway to work correctly with 2-series BIN Mastercard numbers
  • Fixed an error with Authorize.Net gateway due to incompatible SDK
  • Fixed an issue which could cause a previously removed discount to reappear when modifying a service

Support Manager

  • Fixed redundant message box notifications
  • Fixed tickets submitted via the Client Portal not respecting the “Auto-assign tickets to account manager” department setting
  • Fixed issue where ticket followup / comment event alert link wouldn’t open the proper page
  • Ticket escalation now paginates correctly when thousands of tickets meet the rules

Device Manager

  • Fixed Netflow Bandwidth device module
  • Added support for password config fields to device modules
  • Fixed issue where environmental monitor graphs would show as blank
  • Viewing the ‘edited’ details for a Device Event has unexpected results
  • Fixed and improved display of Windows server CPU metric graph
  • Fixed IPv6 addresses getting get cut off under device monitors
  • Fixed device custom fields edit popup opening wrong tab when user has no client manager permissions

Order Manager

  • Fixed Control Panel Account Integration order module not encrypting password correctly in DB

Sales Manager

  • Uniformized service SureTax fields across Sales Manager and Client Manager to address inconsistencies in tax calculations


  • Removed the deprecated “New Service Payments Calendar” report
  • Fixed the Payments Received report CSV file not containing the transaction ID
  • Fixed Support Time report not showing graphs

Client Portal

  • Fixed the Client/Contact Facility Access list always displaying full access for everyone


  • Fixed issues with custom field variable names conflicting between clients and contacts for client.metadata_single and client.contact_metadata_single API methods


  • Fixed issue where “update” and “cancel” links would still show after updating a plugin module