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Version 4.3.5

By May 7, 2019October 26th, 2020No Comments

Plugins & API

  • Added support for custom field filters to support.ticket_count API method, and added some parameters to improve consistency with support.ticket_list


  • Using _automated as one of the keys in a request’s querystring will no longer bypass anti-CSFR checks

Client Manager

  • Improved displaying errors that occurred during invoice runs in facility logger
  • Improved error handling in the AWS Reseller Billing plugin when using an invalid AWS security token
  • Fixed ##accountpass## placeholder in Invoice Notice emails to better handle unhashed passwords and reset codes

Support Manager

  • Fixed ticket posts’ time spent being set to 0 upon splitting multiple ticket posts at once

Device Manager

  • Converted bandwidth monitoring graphs to consistently display bytes instead of bits

Plugins & API

  • Uncaught exceptions when executing plugins or modules functions will no longer stop the invoice cron