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Version 4.3.4

By April 3, 2019October 26th, 2020No Comments


  • Added ability to configure appliance timezone through instance.timezone in the appliance’s config.ini.php file
  • Updated “Reset Password” to unlock user’s account if already locked due to incorrect login attempts, rather than having to wait until rate limiting expires to login again

Plugins & API

  • Added ability to specify @Module hook to link a function to a plugin module
  • Updated plugin configuration to automatically detect component based on hooks instead of having to specify it in manifest.json


  • Setup database configuration process now allows having more than one MySQL mode besides NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION to improve compatibility with MySQL 5.7+, and will properly filter out non-supported modes

Device Manager

  • Fixed a bug preventing the “last hour” button from working in the Bandwidth Monitoring graph popup
  • Updated module pages to display a “module file not found” error when module file is missing
  • Fixed invalid “No matching entity component” errors when accessing config properties at entity level in SDKv1