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Version 4.3.2

By February 12, 2019October 26th, 2020No Comments

Client Manager

  • Top Services on the Client Dashboard are now displayed only to user having client manager reports permission
  • Added the ability to select an actual currency (rather than simply a currency symbol)

Plugins & API

  • Added plugin logger to view execution flows for configured and enabled plugins
  • Added SDK function “Debug\Log“ for plugin development use
  • Added “uber.tax_rate_get“ and “uber.tax_rate_list“ API methods


  • Fixed special UTF-8 characters breaking autocomplete fields
  • Removed the unused “Use Modals” setting for Form Editing in General Settings

Client Manager

  • Fixed rounding issue when paying an invoice and clicking “Invoice Paid in Full”

Device Manager

  • Fixed the datepicker calendar in the Bandwidth Monitoring device module
  • Fixed ‘HTTP test’ Monitor reporting down despite regex match

Plugins & API

  • All Exceptions thrown from plugins are now properly caught
  • Fixed “order.create“ API method to correctly ignore “cc_*” fields when “cc_num“ in the “info“ parameter is empty, and correctly read value from “billing_info_id“