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Version 4.3.1

By January 22, 2019October 26th, 2020No Comments

IMPORTANT: If you’re been using Ubersmith prior to 2012 and have custom service modules or use our switch management, control panel or power management service modules, please contact prior to upgrading.
Client Manager

  • Client list can now be filtered by relationship
  • Automatically skip the tax setup step when adding a new service if there are no active tax rates or tax engines
  • The resource selector when creating a Usage plan is now a searchable autocomplete field

Support Manager

  • Added “Deactivated” section to “Owner” dropdown menu in advanced search

Order Manager

  • Added “Order Queue” to “Order Manager” filters on advanced search

Client Manager

  • Fixed passing the wrong date to TransDate SureTax parameter
  • Fixed issues with handling of emails and long names with Paysafe and Paysafe Token integrations

Support Manager

  • Fixed the ticket search when viewing a client’s tickets
  • Fixed issue where quoted sections would display incorrectly on large threads


  • Fixed gateway error handling when creating an order through the API and including a new credit card or ACH account