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Version 4.2.3

By October 16, 2018October 26th, 2020No Comments


  • Added ability to globally set the instance timezone through a config.ini.php setting (set timezone under the instance section to the appropriate value, such as “America/New_York”). Not providing this configuration will revert to the prior behavior, which is using the PHP timezone configuration
  • Added support for uploading PDF files with a version higher than 1.4

Client Manager

  • Added tokenization support to Paysafe payment gateway integration
  • Added an option to let the system try and charge expired credit cards
  • Added ability to specify a custom endpoint (valid HTTPS) URL for the Litle and Co. – Vault gateway

Client Manager

  • Fixed a bug which would cause invoice details for the OnApp Billing and Bandwidth Billing service modules to be duplicated
  • Fixed broken refunds for PayPal billing agreements
  • Fixed issue with Braintree transactions failing when using a locale that uses a comma decimal separator
  • Fixed an issue with SureTax integration not properly accounting for multiple services within different states
  • Fixed an issue with R1Soft service module not properly updating service price on renewal
  • Improved error handling when attempting to create a User Relationship which already exists
  • Fixed a typo in the User Relationship removal confirmation popup
  • Fixed unnecessary warnings in log file when creating an invoice, payment, or refund
  • Fixed undefined index notice in log file when creating a new client and clicking “Save & New”
  • Fixed a bug which could cause an uncaught error while trying to add a new User after having deleted a brand
  • Fixed pagination of Client Relationship Types list when it has more than 10 elements
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent refunds from completing when using Alipay
  • Fixed refunds not being processed correctly when using ACH Direct
  • Updated deprecated WorldPay payment gateway endpoints

Support Manager

  • Time Tracking for tickets is now correctly required when configured as such

Device Manager

  • Clarified distinction between bits and bytes for transfer rates and total transfer rates in Bandwidth Billing graphs
  • Fixed a bug which would set the State to AL (Alabama) for a Facility Address when left blank
  • Reboot Control device module will now correctly display graphs for each configured unit
  • Fixed issue where date picker wouldn’t work properly under device graph popup

Order Manager

  • Fixed a bug which caused a client’s name to not properly update on the order

Sales Manager

  • Fixed validation of credit card expiration dates when signing a quote

Client Portal

  • Custom Fields with their access configured to “none” will no longer show up in the Client Portal
  • Fixed a bug which could allow deactivated clients to successfully login to the Client Portal
  • Fixed inconsistent logo and style in popup error pages
  • Fixed pagination of Tax Exemptions list


  • Corrected API documentation for uber.client_welcome_stats method
  • Removed encrypted password references from the API documentation for responses of client.contact_get, client.contact_list, client.find_similar, client.get, client.list, uber.admin_get, uber.admin_list and uber.login_list
  • Fixed uber.forgot_pass so it will now correctly recognize credentials for non-primary contacts
  • Fixed an issue with removed discounts being automatically added back upon removing auto charge through client.service_update
  • Submitting an order using a PayPal billing agreement through order.submit will no longer fail