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Version 4.2.1

By July 17, 2018October 26th, 2020No Comments



  • Upgraded jQuery library to v3.0

Client Manager

  • Litle and Litle Vault payment gateways (now known as Vantiv) can now be configured with a Custom Billing Descriptor

Device Manager

  • Added new ServerTech Sentry CDU (CW-24V2-L30M) model with support for all banks
  • Added new ServerTech Sentry C2W36CE-DFME2M33/C PDU model



  • Adjusted the Setup Wizard with proper default values for Docker environments
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to the license token not properly updating during upgrade
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would show behind input boxes in the Edit Service popup on Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Client Manager

  • Updating the description of a service will no longer revert the price to its original value when a new price is set for a period
  • Fixed a bug which could falsely give the impression that an Upgrade was still assigned to a Service Plan after it was unassigned
  • Fixed a bug with the PayPal integration which would cause payments to fail silently when the IPN callback was empty or invalid
  • Fixed a migration issue that affected 3.x to 4.x upgrades, where invoiced services configured for multi-year renewal would have incorrect pricing

Support Manager

  • Improved handling of invalid UTF-8 byte sequences when handling incoming email

Device Manager

  • DNS Manager will no longer add a dot(.) on NS3 and NS4 values when those values are empty in DNS Settings
  • Fixed monitoring dashboard link ticket feature
  • Fixed a bug which could cause IP addresses to become invisible in the system when deleting the assignment of that IP to a device


  • Fixed an issue where custom date ranges were not applied correctly on the Credits Issued report


  • Improved memory efficiency for the NightlyCron Plugins framework hook
  • Fixed an issue where a plugin module configuration with multiple modules could not be saved
  • Fixed improper error handling when Plugins aren’t fully defined in the manifest file