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Version 4.1.2

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Important Notices

1)Please note that the following API methods introduced in 4.0 have been deprecated:
The 4.1.x releases will maintain support for them. They will be entirely removed from the 4.2 release.
If you are currently using one of those API methods, it is highly recommended that you start transitioning to the newly introduced client.service_price_set and client.service_price_changes_list API methods
2)Please note that the Zend Lucene search backend has been deprecated.  It will be entirely removed from the 4.1.3 release.
If you are currently using this search backend, it is highly recommended that you start transitioning to the Apache Solr search backend. Contact support for assistance.



  • An error will now be displayed on the home dashboard when appliance(s) can’t be reached
  • Added a log facility for LDAP calls
  • Added a log facility for outgoing email
  • Added a link to the Ubersmith documentation in the form of a help icon in the main header
  • Optimized database schema for better performance
  • Improved clickable area of paging links

Client Manager

  • Added an “expand all services” button on services list page
  • CCBill payment gateway integration
  • Added on/off option to send email invoice to account holder upon domain registration
  • Added tokenization support for First Data Global Gateway
  • Added configuration option to save or process immediately domain registration orders
  • Suspending/Unsuspending a service with the “Switch Management” module configured can now disable/enable ports or virtual interfaces of associated devices
  • Improved the look and feel of the  “Add resources” popup under Usage Plans
  • A message will now be displayed on the service page if it uses an invalid usage plan

Device Manager

  • Added support for PowerDNS 3.4
  • Added pagination to the selection of available IP addresses when adding an IP assignment (which now can show more than 50 subnets)

Support Manager

  • Emails sent by escalations are now logged in the Email Log


  • The device.list and device.get API methods now return the last known power status of a device (and its timestamp), through the last_known_power_status and last_known_power_status_ts fields
  • Added two new API methods for interacting with a service’s price scheduling or price history: client.service_price_set and client.service_price_changes_list



  • Fixed a bug which could cause unnecessary parameters to remain in the URL after login when using 2-factor authentication
  • Fixed a typo in the event alerts list
  • Fixed login page displaying “%s Login” when no company name has been specified

Client Manager

  • Fixed incorrect service discount information being displayed in “Advanced Search”
  • Fixed incorrect Return-Path email header for invoice notifications when using multiple brands
  • Fixed “Service Edited” event trigger not firing as expected
  • Fixed “Auto-suspend” checkbox in the “Add Service” popup
  • Updated the list of required fields for Domain WHOIS information
  • Service quantity will now default to the service plan’s default quantity on service creation, instead of the number one
  • Changing a service’s plan will now correctly update the price to the new service plan’s price
  • Improved misleading “Duration” switch in the service price edit form
  • Fixed a bug in the service price New Period form which prevented the warning message from displaying when selecting a permanent duration
  • A warning will now be correctly displayed instead of the “Add usage plan” link when there are no usage plans and no data sources
  • Fixed an error displaying after running invoice cron
  • Improved database upgrade script to better handle “invalid” services with no start date, renew date and last renew date

Device Manager

  • Fixed a bug where a device’s power status would not be updated correctly when changing from “Unknown” to “Off”

Support Manager

  • Removed the “Reload Ticket” button from Ticket View since it is now unnecessary (a simple page refresh is now sufficient)
  • Ticket List paging no longer disappears after clicking “Download CSV”
  • Removed unnecessary CSRF query string parameters from Ticket List

Order Manager

  • Fixed a bug which caused the Activate Services order module to remove discounts on service upgrades

Sales Manager

  • Fixed the ##quote_name## variable not being available in quote related emails


  • Fixed the links on the “Service Plans – Taxes” report page


  • Fixed a bug with the offset parameter of the client.domain_list API method which was causing it to default to a value of 1000000
  • Fixed broken file uploads for all API methods that support them

Client Portal

  • Fixed a bug that prevented outstanding credits from appearing in the Credits list
  • Fixed client quote page alignment