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Version 4.1.1

By July 10, 2017October 26th, 2020No Comments


Client Portal

  • Added ability to add new DNS zones, with support for blacklisting domains



  • Fixed a bug which would cause a benign fatal error to be displayed on logout

Client Manager

  • Fixed “Configure datasource” link not displaying correctly on Usage Rate Details page
  • Fixed HTML invoice header alignment
  • Improved invoicing cron error logging
  • Fixed a bug causing a fatal error on service pages where the recently removed OnApp Resources and Reseller Billing service modules were configured
  • Fixed a bug which could cause Paypal transactions to not be recognized correctly
  • Fixed Stripe integration causing fatal error on charge/mark payment

Device Manager

  • Fixed a bug in SolusVM integration which prevented adding an IP to a virtual machine


  • Fixed printing from invoice print queue
  • Fixed invoice print queue “Quick edit” function “Remove from print queue”
  • Fixed invoice print queue “Mark as printed”

Client Portal

  • Fixed style and formatting of invoices


  • Reintroduced the client.service_price_* API methods removed in 4.1.0