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Version 4.0.8

By February 16, 2017October 26th, 2020No Comments

Note: This release has a companion 4.0.8 appliance release.



  • Added a summary_display() device module hook function to control display of the summary box on a device page (return value must be one of the following constants: device_module::ALWAYS_HIDE, device_module::ALWAYS_DISPLAY, device_module::HIDE_IF_EMPTY)
  • Added more details to the “DB error: connect failed” error message to help troubleshooting

Client Manager

  • Authentication can now be allowed/revoked for a client and/or contact through a simple checkbox in the “Change Password” and “Edit Contact” popups

Device Manager

  • Added TLS connectivity support for R1Soft CDP servers

Support Manager

  • Tickets will now indicate their origin (“Email” or “UI/API”) on the ticket view and in the support.ticket_get, support.ticket_list and support.ticket_post_list API methods

Sales Manager

  • Added “Quote Viewed” log event for quotes
  • Quote signature page now allows displaying no payment methods whatsoever



  • Added pruning to the event_trigger_queue database table
  • Fixed spacing around the company name/logo on the login screen
  • Fixed spacing around the search icon on the search results page
  • Improved security when handling and storing cPanel or DirectAdmin user credentials in order forms, orders and services
  • Fixed display bug with notification messages
  • Fixed “send mail to list” in advanced search results
  • Fixed viewing details of some events showing “This event does not appear to be of the correct type” error (specifically for add/edit/remove events for clients, credits, services, devices and opportunities)
  • Fixed an issue which could generate errors when using the default MySQL internal locking mechanism
  • Removed unwanted details link on service_edited and device_edited trigger log entries in Event Log
  • “Client Viewable” field no longer shows up as changed when it was not for quote comment edited log entry in Event Log
  • Fixed attachments disappearing due to page reload when changing department in the system’s many “Submit Support Ticket” popups

Client Manager

  • Clarified many error messages in the Bandwidth Billing service module
  • Setting a service’s end date to today or earlier will cause that service to be automatically cancelled
  • Fixed Unit Price incorrectly showing Total Price on invoice lines with quantity greater than 1
  • Setting a parent service for a service will now only display services belonging to the same client
  • Fixed attachments not being included when “Send me a copy” and “Open as ticket” are selected for a client’s “Send Email” functionality
  • Fixed suspend/unsuspend, cancel/uncancel and deactivation events not being properly triggered for cPanel Control Panel Account Integration service module
  • Rate plan association is now correctly retained when editing a service’s pricing
  • Fixed implementation of the “any” filter for Client Manager advanced search
  • Fixed rounding issues on invoices which could cause Invoice Total to be off by 0.01$
  • Improved UI handling of client names longer than 27 characters
  • Fixed service note add/edits not being recorded in the event log
  • Service start date is now a required field when editing a service, to avoid problematic service states
  • Fixed before and after values of service comment edits not being stored correctly in event log
  • Fixed PDF invoices so all world currency symbols should now display correctly
  • Fixed option data not being fully removed from a coupon when it is disassociated from a service plan
  • Fixed attachments disappearing due to page reload when changing department with the “Open as ticket” option in a client’s “Send Email” functionality
  • Fixed issues with proration in some cases being applied more than once when saving a service’s “Billing Information” without applying any changes
  • Fixed incorrect ‘Billing Start Date can not be empty’ error message when trying to edit a service
  • Fixed a (mostly visual) bug which could cause a service price to be multiplied by the quantity twice when migrating to 4.x
  • Fixed an issue which would cause a service’s Start Date to be incorrectly set to today when editing said service

Support Manager

  • Fixed double-encoding in the title of some Support Manager listings which was breaking embedded links
  • New tickets will no longer be associated to a client when sender’s email address is from a deactivated contact
  • Fixed typo in auto-refresh feature
  • Changed the default setting for “Only Accept New Tickets from Authorized Contacts:” to “No” on the “Add Department” popup for added security

Device Manager

  • Replaced “Configurable Fields” with “Custom Fields” in Add Device popup for uniformity
  • Standardize units in Bandwidth Monitoring graphs so bytes are used instead of bits for transfer totals
  • Fixed device comment added events displaying “This event does not appear to be of the correct type” error when attempting to view details
  • Fixed before and after values of device comment edits not being stored correctly in event log
  • Fixed R1Soft CDP 3.0 Enterprise Server graph
  • Improved visibility of deactivated devices by showing their names in strikethrough, adding a “Status: Deactivated” line in the device info and fixing the deactivated device icon

Order Manager

  • Taxes defined in order forms are now properly transferred to resulting services
  • Error messages for missing required fields in order module configuration will now identify missing fields by their actual labels
  • Fixed some display issues in Order Form wizard
  • Fixed “Access Denied” error being displayed when trying to view an order in a deactivated order queue
  • Fixed Send Templated Email order queue action improperly escaping “<” symbols

Sales Manager

  • “Save” button is now displayed again in the “Duplicate Quote” popup


  • Fixed the standard bar graphs not displaying correctly


  • Fixed device.ip_assignment_add API method so it properly assigns only the requested subnet, instead of all the similar subnets in the block
  • Fixed the required property for order modules config items (declared in the config_items() method)
  • Fixed structure of uber.admin_permission_list API method output to be consistent with documentation
  • order_modules::buttons() implementation now properly handles returning PEAR_Error objects
  • Service start date will now default to today’s date when not specified for client.service_add API method

Client Portal

  • Internal tickets will no longer be included in a client’s ticket count