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Version 4.0.5

By August 16, 2016October 26th, 2020No Comments


Support Manager

  • Outgoing emails will now comply to RFC 3834 and include the Auto-Submittedheader with appropriate values set according to context, which helps prevent auto-responder email storms
  • The RFC 3834 Auto-Submitted field is now recognized in incoming emails, to allow behaviors like not creating a new ticket for emails marked as auto-replied, which helps prevent auto-responders email storms



  • Displaying custom field configured to be “Shown in Lists” in advanced search results will no longer create offset columns
  • Adjusted font color for the saved search list to improve readability
  • Fixed the “API Access” field in the Edit User Info popup so it properly selects the right value on load, preventing accidentally allowing access to a user on save

Client Manager

  • The Custom Fields popup displayed when editing a custom field on a lead will now correctly display the tab content on load
  • The CloudStack service module will now calculate root disk usage like custom-sized disks (which are billed per GB/hr), instead of billing a flat price for the original root disk size
  • The “Cost” field on the List Services page will now include any discounts configured on the service price

Support Manager

  • Changed multiple contact match warning on ticket view to a message box instead of a flash message
  • Link type is no longer a required field when splitting a ticket
  • Changed multiple client associations on ticket view to a message box instead of a flash message
  • Fixed typo in command auto-response email instructions
  • Following a ticket post link from a Support Manager search will now actually scroll to the correct post in the ticket view page

Device Manager

  • RoFR Expiration and Assigned Date fields in the Add Facility popup will no longer show for unoccupied statuses

Client Portal

  • Custom Links in Client Portal will no longer disappear upon navigating to a different portion of the menu tree


  • The uber.service.plan_get API call will no longer return custom fields from other service plans/brands when a default value is set
  • Deprecated the client.service_prorate API call, as it is no longer needed/relevant with the new pricing code in 4.0