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Version 4.0.3

By August 1, 2016October 26th, 2020No Comments

Important Notice
Please note that the uber.client_role_get and uber.client_role_list API v2 calls have been deprecated, in favor of the new uber.acl_client_role_get and uber.acl_client_role_list calls. The 3.x and 4.0.x releases will maintain support for both calls, but they will be entirely removed from the 4.1 release.
If you are using either of those API calls, it is highly recommended that you start transitioning to the new ones as soon as possible.

  • Improved touch screen support for the navigation drop-down menus
  • Automatically display client when quick searching only matches one result

Device Manager

  • Add IP Assignment list can now display 500 entries instead of 50


  • Created 2 new API calls uber.acl_admin_role_get and uber.acl_admin_role_listto retrieve role information for admins. The equivalent existing calls for clients,uber.client_role_get and uber.client_role_list, have been deprecated in favor of the newuber.acl_client_role_get and uber.acl_client_role_list calls, respectively. Additionally,uber.check_login now includes assigned_roles which includes information about the admin role, or the client’s primary contact role, depending on whether it’s an admin or client login.

Client Manager

  • Send Invoice Now popup window now has scroll bars again
  • Static invoice due date now properly moves to the next month when an invoice is generated
  • Custom update scripts from 4.0.2 are now re-integrated in the standard upgrade process, to address 4.0 migration issues
  • Added additional fix to 4.0 migration so billed services price can be forced to save
  • A service’s assigned location can now be changed after the service’s creation
  • vCloud + vCenter Chargeback service module no longer throws cURL error when communicating with vCenter
  • Billing a service with a non-monthly billing period that is calculated By Month will no longer invoice for an exponentially larger amount
  • Credits will no longer be automatically issued on setting a service end date before the service’s renewal date

Support Manager

  • The support email address will no longer be added as a CC address for incoming tickets, preventing ticket duplication on 3rd party reply
  • Adding a department no longer requires admins to re-login for the new department to show up
  • Optimized viewing ticket on instances with large numbers of client tags configured

Device Manager

  • Add IP Assignment popup will now only list available IP addresses
  • vCloud + vCenter Chargeback device module no longer throws cURL error when communicating with vCenter
  •  The “Check all” checkbox in the Add IP Assignment popup now works as intended
  • DNS Manager – The ‘Add DNS Zone’ popup will no longer display the DNS Zone and Name twice
  • DNS Manager – DNS Zone type can now be changed on the DNS Zone edit popup

Order Manager

  • Changing an order queue’s name now reflects correctly in Manage Order Queues and the Order Manager
  • Staff owner can now be specified for the Open Ticket order module, in order to allow automatically running the module (previously, when run automatically it would fail to perform as expected, as a ticket couldn’t be created without an owner)

Sales Manager

  • Corrected an incorrect text reference to devices in the Duplicate Quote popup, should have referred to quotes
  • Quote signature page will no longer give a “quote has been modified since this page was loaded” error when submitting for the first time
  • The ##quote_url## and ##contract_url## replacement variables will not longer duplicate the instance’s URL


  • uber.check_login will now correctly return the last login attempt timestamp under last_login for client logins, instead of null
  • Service Link device module enable/disable methods now work correctly when called by the device.module_call_aggregate API call