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Version 4.0.2

By June 27, 2016October 26th, 2020No Comments

– All required variables are now passed correctly when ordering certain SSL certs through eNom
– “From Address” and “Enabled” fields on the credit card expiration notice template form now correctly remembers their setting when saved
– Fixed avatar cropping tool
Client Manager
– PayPal payments will now apply to correct service lines on invoice
– Fixed rounding error when calculating total amount due in Ticket Billing service module
– Fixed ordering by invoice status in a client’s services list not working as expected
– Fixed performance issues with CloudStack Billing service module when filtering by account ID
– Adding a service should no longer fail with “No Value Specified” error when the service has custom fields with no default value
– Fixed Ticket Billing service module not invoicing the correct period after migrating to 4.0.x
– Fixed Bandwidth Billing service module not fetching the usage data for the correct period when invoicing after migrating to 4.0.x
– Cloudstack Billing service module no longer re-uses the usage from the first service renewed for all services when running the invoicing cron
Support Manager
– “Add Time Spent” link under ticket now works as expected
Sales Manager
– Adding a comment to an opportunity no longer fails with a “No opportunity_id specified” error
– Fixed client.service_list API call so it correctly lists all services
– Newly added custom fields for services are not correctly returned by the client.service_list API call