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Version 4.0.1

By June 22, 2016October 26th, 2020No Comments

Important Notice
Please note that the v1 API has been deprecated. The 4.0.x releases will maintain support for it, but it will be entirely removed from the 4.1 release.
If you are using the v1 API, it is highly recommended that you start transitioning to the v2 API as soon as possible.

  • Changed default cryptographic algorithms for password hashing from salted SHA1 to bcrypt.
  • Existing hashes will be upgraded to the default on a per-case basis, after a successful login.
  • Improved performance of the Service Plan Upgrades configuration page.
  • Improved performance for 3.x to 4.x upgrade process.

Support Manager

  • Added the “New Tickets”, “My Tickets” and “Unassigned Tickets” links to the Support Manager navigation bar to ease navigation when viewing tickets.


  • “List Items” paging configuration (from General Settings) will no longer apply to API list calls, which will now return the entire result dataset.
  • “Add New Client Module” popup will no longer display a fatal error when there are no client modules present.

Client Manager

  • Upon migrating to 4.0.x from 3.5.x or earlier, discounts without end dates are now correctly migrated.
  • Loading the Service details page for a one-time fee or pending service will no longer display an “invalid operand” fatal error.

Support Manager

  • When viewing a ticket, the client ID is once again clickable to access the client’s profile.
  • Fixed “time to resolve” and “time to reply” timers internal logic to match the one introduced in 3.5.3.


  • “Admin User Log” report now lists correct “Total Logged Time”, no longer maxing-out at 30 seconds.

Client Portal

  • Auto generate password link when adding a new authorized contact in client portal no longer gives an access error.