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Version 3.5.8

By October 5, 2016October 26th, 2020No Comments



  • Added support for MYSQL 5.7.x (please note that the MySQL server needs to have the “sql_mode” configuration set to “NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION” in the my.cnf config file in order for Ubersmith to function correctly)

Client Manager

  • Added support for upcoming MasterCard series 2 BIN numbers



  • Closed an XSS vulnerability in the Quick Search results where fields for contact results where not properly sanitized
  • Client portal input is now automatically sanitized for extra security
  • Event triggers are now working for all brands
  • Displaying custom field in advanced search results no longer offsets columns if configured to be “Shown in Lists”

Support Manager

  • Fixed obfuscated error message when dealing with incorrect date/time or timezone configuration
  • Improved sanity checks when dealing with invalid and/or unexpected timestamps (i.e.: timestamps located in the future) to avoid generating SQL errors

Device Manager

  • Corrected an issue when joining IP addresses/subnets, and added a confirmation dialog

Client Portal

  • Custom Links on Client Portal no longer disappear after navigation