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Version 3.5.4

By June 9, 2016October 26th, 2020No Comments

Client Manager

  • Static Due Date field is now a dropdown, offering values ranging from 1 to 28, plus a special value “Last day of the month”. For backwards compatibility, anytime a Static Due Date greater than the number of days in the current month is detected, the last day of the month will be used.
  • Invoice Send Date field is now a dropdown, offering values ranging from 1 to 28.


Client Manager

  • Deactivating a service plan upgrade group containing no options will no longer fail with a “DB Error: syntax error” message
  • OnApp Billing service module now correctly handles billing when two users share the same OnApp user_id on two different instances during the invoicing cron job
  • invoice.php cron job was loading default values instead of specified values for billing configuration for all brands except for the first configured brand. Billing configuration is now correctly taken into account for all brands at all times.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the Service Plan Upgrades configuration page when no upgrades are defined (columns now line up properly)
  • Reordering Service Plan options now behaves as expected when deactivated options are hidden

Device Manager

  • Control Panel Host device module will no longer throw a fatal error, which was preventing the device details page from loading
  • Service Link device module will no longer affect service price and/or pro-rated service price when updating the service’s description
  • Bandwidth Monitoring device module graph period now changes correctly when changed on the device detail page, when the module’s “Display switch port Actions” config is set to No
  • Service Link device module was ignoring it’s enabled/disabled state, always acting enabled. Disabling it now actually stops it from taking action.
  • Service Link device module gracefully handles association with a missing service instead of throwing a fatal error.

Support Manager

  • The Department column in the Unassigned ticket list now displays the actual department

Order Manager

  • Order actions following the “Add Services” are now executed automatically when configured to do so, on order submission.