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Version 3.5.3

By April 25, 2016October 26th, 2020No Comments



  • Added STARTTLS support for LDAP Authentication Module
  • Increased maximum quantity of brands by a few orders of magnitude from 127 to just over 2 billion

Device Manager

  •  The Service Link device module now exposes the “enable” and “disable” methods which can be called through the API’s order.module_call method
  • The Service Link device module now has a default state (enabled or disabled) which can be specified at the device type level



  • Permissions view now properly shows “Full” when all available permissions are granted
  • Fixed import issue related to adding upgrades
  • Billing periods are now properly deleted when requested
  • Advanced Search will now include results where default value of custom fields match
  • Optimized Normalized Recurring Revenue report for larger deployments

Client Manager

  • Name field is now available when adding/editing records in the DNS Manager
  • MSA’s without an expiration date will no longer display Dec 31st 1969 as their expiration date
  • Improved handling of database related errors in the invoice.php cron job
  • Client Portal permissions now default to Allow in the Client Permissions edit popup
  • The primary contact automatically created when a client is created now has full access permissions by default
  • Cloudstack Billing service module now correctly aggregates usage up to and including the last day of the period, rather than up to and including the first day of the following period
  • Editing a service’s Billing Information no longer removes existing proration
  • Fixed ordering of upgrade options, based on the option group
  • Fixed deactivating upgrades from the service plan configuration page

Support Manager

  • Optimized handling of “Time to Resolve” and “Time to Reply” for tickets to be much less database-intensive
  • Optimized calculation of unread ticket count to be less database-intensive

Device Manager

  • Optimized handling of errors generated when fetching temperature info for the Device Manager dashboard
  • Optimized IP assignment usage queries to be much less database-intensive

Order Manager

  • Open Ticket order module will now send department “new ticket” notification emails
  • Optimized performance for order creation process
  • Improved performance of the Add Services order module when handling orders with large quantities of services
  • Running the Expand Services module on orders with 950+ services no longer wipes the services list
  • Correctly handle errors returned by custom order module’s process() method

Sales Manager

  • “Setup Fee Quantity Sensitive” checkbox now works as expected when editing a service within a quote
  • Quotes will now display correctly updated tax rates from SureTax and any other tax engines

Client Portal

  • Service upgrades marked as hidden will no longer be visible to clients