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Version 3.5.13

By October 26, 2017October 26th, 2020No Comments


Client Manager

  • Updated Litle credit card gateway in preparation of upcoming Litle/Vantiv API domain name change


  • Added order step details to order.get and order.list API methods, under the step_status index
  • Added new API endpoint client.ip_assignment_list to list all IP assignments belonging to a client as well as to a client’s devices and services



  • “From Address” under Setup & Admin -> Credit Card Expiration Notices will now be correctly saved when changed
  • Fixed issue where a user couldn’t be edited without setting a new username/password

Client Manager

  • Updated invoice to not show empty parentheses when service plan has no plan code set
  • Fixed an issue which would lead to deactivated Tax Rates still assigned to service plans being incorrectly assigned to new services
  • Fixed a bug which caused ended services to be invoiced when using pre-billing
  • Fixed Add IP Assignment popup now showing up properly
  • Fixed a bug which could cause “Pro-rate change” to be ignored when editing a service

Support Manager

  • Support Manager advanced search now renders properly when user has permissions over at least one support department
  • Fixed permissions for showing and editing ticket time spent
  • Added indentation to emphasize difference between parent and child services to the autocomplete drop downs when linking a ticket to a service
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Allow Emergency Ticket Submission’ being set to no on default department would override other department’s setting

Device Manager

  • Improved updating of device monitors so either all devices’ monitors or just selected devices’ monitors can be disabled / enabled
  • Improved performance of network_usage.php cron job
  • Updated IPMI Information device module for SuperMicro 3.13 firmware support

Sales Manager

  • Resolved an issue where duplicating quotes can create an order with services attached to the wrong quote


  • Fixed broken Sent Invoices report when not specifying an end date by having it default to the current date when not specified
  • Fixed an issue in the IP Address Usage Report incorrectly showing assigned IP addresses as free
  • Fixed an issue where Normalized Recurring Revenue breakdown reports weren’t always matching the calendar
  • “Admin User Log” report now lists correct “Total Logged Time”, no longer maxing-out at 30 seconds

Client Portal

  • Fixed a bug preventing Bandwidth Billing service module from being properly loaded


  • Fixed API documentation for uber.plan_option_update so it will now display the correct currencies available under Setup & Admin -> Currency & Measurements
  • Fixed device.dns_record_delete failing with ‘dns_zone not found’ error
  • Fixed broken filter by metadata functionality for API method support.ticket_list
  • Fixed client.service_list API method not including proper metadata fields when using multiple brands