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Version 3.5.11

By August 3, 2017October 26th, 2020No Comments



  • Optimized database schema for better performance

Device Manager

  • Added support for PowerDNS 3.4
  • Added pagination to the selection of available IP addresses when adding an IP assignment (which now can show more than 50 subnets)



  • Fixed a bug which could cause unnecessary parameters to remain in the URL after login when using 2-factor authentication

Client Manager

  • Fixed child service price with a discount displaying incorrectly from parent service
  • Fixed incorrect service discount information being displayed in Advanced Searches
  • Fixed incorrect Return-Path email header for invoice notifications when using multiple brands
  • The device.list and device.get API methods now return the last known power status of a device (and its timestamp), through the last_known_power_status and last_known_power_status_ts fields
  • Fixed “Auto-suspend” checkbox in the Add Service popup
  • Updated the list of required fields for Domain WHOIS information
  • Service quantity will now default to the service plan’s default quantity on service creation, instead of the number one
  • Creating account credits towards specific invoice items is now possible when invoice contains more than 10 items

Support Manager

  • Ticket List paging no longer disappears after clicking “Download CSV”

Device Manager

  • Fixed a bug in SolusVM integration which prevented adding an IP to a VM

Order Manager

  • Fixed a fatal error when processing the SolusVM Client Integration order module which prevented VMs from being created


  • Fixed a bug with the offset parameter of the client.domain_list API method which was causing it to default to a value of 1000000
  • Fixed broken file uploads for all API methods that support them

Client Portal

  • Fixed a bug that prevented outstanding credits from appearing in the Credits list