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Version 3.5.1

By March 1, 2016October 26th, 2020No Comments



  • Database connectivity errors will no longer result in deadlocked sessions

Client Manager

  • Added on/off toggle for Quickbooks credits with date range restriction
  • Suretax invoice_date testmode adjustment should is now 30 days instead of 60

Device Manager

  • Reboot Control device module will no longer throw a fatal error when changing period on page

Support Manager

  • Ticket Billing service module now handles tiers correctly when calculating total amount
  • Escalations are now correctly applied to tickets in the “Waiting For Client” disposition
  • Escalation action “Change Type to” fixed

Sales Manager

  • Payment methods on quotes are now fully absent when disabled

Reports and Stats

  • Normalized Recurring Revenue report now excludes renewals that occurred during a non-active status


  • The device.add API call now correctly identifies the type_id parameter as required