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Version 3.4

By September 30, 2015October 26th, 2020No Comments


  • Add the ability to associate quotes with tickets
  • Two-factor authentication for client and contact logins
  • Internal Support tickets
  • Popup class tweaks
  • Add client information to ticket notification emails
  • Add option to not display taxes on quotes


  • ‘Valid email address’ order form rule shouldn’t match an empty string
  • Review handling of timeout situations for Switch Information (and other device modules)
  • Tool tip for Last Renewal Date in popup_editservice.php is incorrect
  • Implement client selectable ticket classifications
  • Use of undefined constant direction in
  • Changing department on post follow up/comment screen should temporarily disable the submit button
  • Error ‘Only variables should be assigned by reference’ in class.order_module_verify_payment.php
  • Custom service data field applicability breaks when there are no plan level default values.
  • Fix several Server Discovery Bugs
  • ACL Permissions popup triggering browser kill script warning
  • Appliance dropdown not populated in ‘admin/devicemgr/popup_abi.php’
  • Add service popup allows null dollar values to be set in a quote
  • Service plan title not appearing on rate plan details page
  • Filters are not applied when submitting a ticket through API
  • Area Square Feet does not update
  • Service plan create error when no service plan selected
  • Fix upgrade for “Adding comment to client_viewable”
  • Quote Approval Queue shows quotes from all brands.
  • ‘Send Invoice Now’ popup ignores Invoice Delivery = None
  • Provide tip that ticket metadata can be required via department
  • Optimize order_load() to only query by order_id or hash
  • Optimizations via PACKAGES table indexes
  • Optimize ticket_stats_dashboard()
  • Fix mail_sql() when searching for clientid
  • Fix handling of “Expected Closure Date”
  • Fix splitting tickets
  • Normal Recurring Revenue does not reflect discounts on services
  • Fix fatal error deleting device comment
  • Add “Internal Ticket” field to Open Ticket order module
  • Fix Open Ticket order module handling of required metadata fields lacking default value
  • Sage Pay token gateway – exclude BillingState? if country isn’t US
  • Add Internal Ticket to the Add/Edit? Ticket Escalation popup
  • Add Internal Ticket to advanced search
  • Catch PEAR errors from first uber_ini_get() in
  • Cannot submit required secure text inputs
  • Fix display of packs with parent services in Order Info on order view page
  • Fix undefined indexes “facility” and “client_id” in “location” class
  • Fix Remove Device Type popup to show “Ungrouped” types
  • Fix error return/checking of login_unlock()
  • Fix undefined variable $attr in ticket view
  • Fix editing Measurement Unit System
  • Fix Edit PTR Records popup in Sales Manager
  • Fix saving Description on Add IP Assignment popup in Client Interface
  • Add “Label” field to Add/Edit? Monitor popup in the Client Interface
  • ACL permissions not displaying correctly due to changes in #5218
  • Fix db upgrade script for client portal two factor authentication