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Version 3.3

By May 26, 2015September 16th, 2021No Comments

Client Manager
– Statement of Accounts
– Client Modules
– Automated domain expiration notices
– Default billing method CC UI improvements
– Service plan list in add/edit service popup now supports auto complete
– Add links to associated data items from the service details page and the service page in an order
– Attachment support for “Email Client Base”
Device Manager
– Create DNS Zone Settings by Brand
– Import DNS Zone from BIND zone files
– Eaton RPP – Power Graphing & Billing Support
– Limit aggregated report requests for switch devices to 250 ports at a time
– Expand number of units supported by Baytech DS72 to 32
Support Manager
– Use Web Storage for incomplete Support Manager compositions
– Add ‘client viewable’ option to support tickets
– Add support for `##owner_email##` to open ticket module and email template CC fields
– Add ticket notification email for when tickets change status
– Add fields to the rules section of ticket escalations
Order Manager
– ‘Find similar client’ order module
– Update `info` and `progress` fields in orders to JSON instead of XML
– Configurable client or admin origin for Open Ticket order module
– Add ‘subject’ to the displayed items in an order ticket
– Update ‘send templated email’ order module to accept variables in its ‘from’ field
– Add ‘Planned Completion’ and ‘Requested Completion’ date fields to orders
– Update open ticket and send templated email order modules to pull custom field data from live client or service
– Allow for customization of ‘Thank You’ order text
– Enhance validation in the `client.domain_add` and `client.domain_update` API methods
– Two-Factor Authentication
– Support SAML 2.0 Single Sign On
– Add configuration for default country
– Service plan custom data field applicability
– Support external providers for advisory locking
– Add ACL to limit users ability to change the price of a service
– Add gateway support for Commonwealth Bank of Australia
– Add a license details page to setup and admin
– Provide common way to encrypt fields; Encrypt auth module config
– Have secure fields use placeholder instead of mask
– Move invoice.php failure error to main admin dashboard page


Client Manager
– Notification association search – number of subscribers column
– Catch errors from `_account_setup()` in `cpanel_host`
– 100% discounted services can no longer renew because they’re unbilled
– Discount not calculating correctly for setup fee services
– Resolve error condition encountered when deactivating a client
– Prorating the change in price when editing an unbilled service no longer shows all relevant details
– Auto-proration on end date fails if the service violates account credit restriction
– Fix client module popup to not discard unchanged secure fields
– Modifications to the account statement feature
– `onafteredit()` request array does not include changes to upgrade options
Device Manager
– Add ability to create/update PTR record if none currently exists
– Fix changing graph periods on Rack View
– Fix Connection popup; don’t lose Details when changing Ownership Info
– Fix connection popup; preserve links on client search or error
Support Manager
– Add owner variable to new ticket related event triggers
– Changing Department in Ticket View doesn’t reload metadata
– My Tickets not appearing
– Correct issue related to the ‘CC’ field encountered when a user has no contact permissions
– Signatures missing leading blank line in response
– Client Ticket replies from client interface missing ‘FROM’ information (email address and name)
Order Manager
– Hide client password when adding a new service to existing client on order forms
– Service level coupon codes are being ignored in orders
– Have order pricing pass client id to tax engine
– Remove sensitive data from order confirmation post
Sales Manager
– Tax engine taxes should be shown on quotes, but note that they are subject to change
– Update quote PDF as SWF (client link) font color
– Undefined variable in `client_quote.php`
– Quote services with setup fees only applied to upgrades are not properly totaled in the .pdf
Reports and Stats
– Use `time()` instead of `unix_timestamp()` in “Service Cancellations” report
– Backward compatibility with service plan APIs with new global upgrade options
– Upgrade Braintree support library
– Fix limit statement in `list_credits()` query
– Check for availability of `mod_headers` during setup
– Add ‘viewable’ to SOLR `schema.xml`
– Fix undefined indexes in `class.service_pricing.php`
– Editing the API variable name of an upgrade returns a fatal error
– Access denied to Edit Service Discount
– Email address not displayed on contact profile page in the client interface
– Stale(?) session locks not always deleted from Zookeeper
– Adjust Two-Factor logic in `admin_add()` and `admin_edit()`
– Running setup via UI broken after twofactor added
– Fix database schema to support `STRICT_TRANS_TABLES`
– Fix “Error loading Authentication Modules” before upgrading
– Ensure cursor is in username field in login screen
– Fix CSS for two-factor login forms
– Fix SAML “SP x509 Private Key” tool tip
– Logging in as contact goes to SAML login
– Fix Optimal gateways to enforce string lengths