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Version 3.3.2

By July 9, 2015September 16th, 2021No Comments


  •     Add a way to view a list of all quotes
  •     Add simpler way to create connections
  •     Enhance “Simple Connection” popup with owner & service info


  •    Add a salesperson field to the add lead forms in the sales manager
  •    Add DNS PTR functionality to Device Manager & Client Interface
  •    Correct merge ticket issue when using ticket number
  •    Payment notices for re-tried payments get sent to authorized contacts with permission to receive them
  •    Template list in popup_outgoing_ticket.php should be sorted alphabetically
  •    Original ‘To’ address should go into actual CC field instead of just being added to form
  •    Per post attachment count output by ticket.get is inflated.
  •    Fix E_STRICT for the pay_received_notice class
  •    Fix call to undefined method authentication_saml::search()
  •    Order queues no longer support modules returning PEAR_Error objects correctly
  •    Prorate service popup window refuses to work with dd/mm/yyyy date format
  •    Fix CSRF / POST issue for device module graphs
  •    Fix array to string conversion in safe_args class