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Version 3.3.1

By June 9, 2015September 16th, 2021No Comments


  •     Update Stripe Gateway to properly support pre-auth and capture
  •     Order steps are always set to lower case letters in the Order Manager menu
  •     Order counts show all the same number
  •     Support Manager – Signatures missing leading blank line in responses
  •     Searching by User-Client Relationship yields no results
  •     Add client_viewable option to support.ticket_submit_outgoing
  •     ‘Select All’ box doesn’t work in Invoice Print Queue
  •     Adjust device_label_cleaner() to gracefully handle devices in inactive locations
  •     Custom Contact data fiedls shown in lists are shifted over
  •     Parentheses in contact name adds extra > in client interface
  •     Contact permission check is a little overzealous when viewing a ticket in the client interface
  •     service_add API function doesn’t escape ” marks in service description
  •     Fix handling of ENTER key in “secure” fields
  •     Advanced search by discount ignores services without discounts