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By May 21, 2014October 26th, 2020No Comments


  • Add Blowfish hash wrapper for user passwords
  • Add support for custom uberlicense client timeout setting to config.ini.php


  • Correct Service Status report errors
  • Performance problems with ‘Department Statistics’ report
  • Advanced Search Date/Time columns
  • Client ID is always blank in device manager advanced search results
  • Limit mpay24 module to limit the ORDERDESC field to 255 characters
  • client/attachment.php does not validate the logged in client client.service_list &
  • client.list calls fail when more than 58 custom data fields are defined
    Order id is not actually passed to target scripts by quote related event triggers
  • Invoices generated for orders no longer limit themselves to services within the order
  • Saved advanced searches no longer work
  • Services paid report handles taxes unexpectedly
  • Virtual Merchant gateway integration needs to have newly required field added to our integration
  • Fix the switch management module