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By March 18, 2014October 26th, 2020No Comments


  • Add user preference to follow up order in order tickets
  • Add R1Soft/Idera log facility
  • Implement a multi-select box as a custom field data type
  • Assorted updates to database upgrade procedures
  • Add a ‘similar clients’ section to the client profile page
  • Include pay_record_id and refund_ids in payments receievd and refunds reports
  • Add metadata parameter support to client and contact list API functions
  • Add API functions for managing device types
  • Add order module configuration to display output on order view page persistently
  • reboot_client lookup_reboot_unit_port() method is slow
  • Support alternative API output formats
  • new order / service date fields & fix newrenew from pro_rate_details()
  • Tie account credits generated by the mark payment popup to the invoice that they pay
  • Add BN code to Paypal integration
  • Support Supermicro 3.15 Firmware
  • API-friendly edit method for dm_switch & dm_pdu


  • Marking payment from order manager loads resulting page in frame
  • Log changes to device types and type groups
  • Invoice date range for services that last 1 day should only show start date
  • Client cannot configure remote reboot
  • uber_base should implement to_xmlnode()
  • Tax engines should fill tax rate if it is returned by the engine
  • Audit of advanced search
  • Applying a 100% discount to a $0 setup fee creates an empty service
  • invoicedetail service module is run on disabled modules
  • Adding & updating objects with many custom data fields is slow
  • Correct error handling in
  • Support passing owner=0 when editing devices
  • Email client base using all authorized contacts not working
  • Update to longblob’
  • The company logo on quote PDFs is too large
  • Tool tips next to tax invoice line items refer to service #0
  • Enom returns invalid data when attempting to update name servers
  • Allow for sending emails with long lines without any wrapping (quoted-printable encode)
  • Appliance dropown issue
  • Use ContactTypeProvince for non-US eNom SSL orders
  • Invoice notice template bodies created with arbitrary linebreaks
  • Incorrect device_list() call in dm_bandwidth