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By January 27, 2014October 26th, 2020No Comments


  • Add MIN, MAX and AVG to device module report() output
  • Add API command to generate PayPal Signup HTML
  • Ticket Comment background color
  • Implement a multi-select box as a custom field data type
  • Change description of ‘Don’t apply binding’ feature in Add Service Agreement popup
  • A4 Paper Size support
  • Enhancement to Custom Ticket Data – Required Option
  • Add support for Eaton ePDU SWA02
  • Update class.uber_http_client on appliance with version from ubersmith
  • RealEx and RealVault Support
  • Protect against session fixation
  • Add Canadian Currency support for Stripe
  • Add API function to retrieve credit card token
  • Add html support to templated email order module
  • Improve performance of unpaid balance calculation in package_info


  • Expunge the use of uniqid for secure passwords or hashes
  • Update PayPal documentation on ‘Payment Processing Options’ Page
  • Review Control Panel Host configuration options
  • Update Tax Vendor / Supplier for QuickBooks UK
  • Clear out background_task entries older than 1 hour
  • Authentication modules don’t gracefully handle missing prerequisites
  • Check rack status when adding/editing devices
  • When metadata validation fails, uber API just returns 0, rather then an error
  • Client cannot configure remote reboot
  • Google Maps order module incorrect error handling
  • Invalid prorate_date specified when editing a service but not actually pro-rating the change
  • Fix slow query in
  • Sync up the code around logos in invoice and quote pdfs
  • SureTax responses that only include one tax must be handled differently
  • Correct error handling in
  • Properly handle situations where credit_bool is set to ‘0’
  • Fix empty params handling in Popup::get_close()
  • popup_edit_servicedetails.php check must show order::save() errors
  • Payflow Pro gateway shows plain text password in Setup and Admin
  • Undefined variables in class.quote.php
  • Ensure order modules check result of order::save()
  • Search indexer failure, outputs login screen html
  • Priority of an order can not be set to Low
  • SureTax bug when using “Send invoice Now”
  • Limit card lookup to current client id
  • Orders from quotes should retain per brand default invoice settings
  • backend.php backwards compatibility
  • Title is “Array” on contact and client metadata pages
  • Setup mishandles unique indexes
  • Search clients closed tickets error “Invalid clientid specified.”
  • Check calculate_prorate_balance() returns before use