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Version 3.0.3

By June 19, 2013October 26th, 2020No Comments


  • Improve consistency in support.ticket_list, support.ticket_get and support.ticket_post_list API calls
  • Support linking account credits to invoice line items
  • Improve functionality and documentation of API call client.count
  • Switch Information Juniper (generic with vlans)
  • Add API command to retrieve device monitor logs
  • Create global function to completely disable DNS management


  • Add User_Name field to Exact gateway request
  • Add New Monitor – actions added with ‘More’ button are not saved
  • API command device.monitor_list outputs incorrect monitor data
  • Fix issue with quotes being re-assigned on edit
  • Fix issue deleting DNS zones
  • Login page stylesheet issue
  • Fix issue where custom dimensions couldn’t be set when adding or editing a device
  • Typographic error in Power monitor output
  • Fix issue with marking tickets read
  • Fix PHP notice when business flag isn’t passed during client creation
  • Fix PHP notice when adding service to user without auto-prorate enabled
  • Obfuscate passwords when logging new passwords sent to users
  • Email field in ‘people’ table too short (50 char)