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Version 3.0.2

By June 11, 2013October 26th, 2020No Comments


  • Added support for credit notes.
  • Add tax support to quotes
  • contact_list API function can now take an individual email address as a parameter.
  • Add client tags
  • ‘Referred by’ field added to advanced search parameter list.
  • Brand specific invoice note can now include variables.
  • Added an option to disable the automatic application of individual account credits.
  • Added quote/contract related event triggers.
  • ip_assignment_list API function now returns device label.
  • Added secondary and tertiary column sorting user preferences for the support manager ticket list.
  • Added support for color coding tickets based on last response time.
  • IP assignment related events now show IP block in description.
  • A follow up and comment can now be posted to a ticket in a single step.
  • include/class.dev_rack.php, line 124: sql query failed
  • Orders generated from quotes/contracts can now be paid via credit card pre-authorization.
  • Quote signature pages are now properly translated based on user preference.


  • Unnecessary whitespace removed from invoice PDFs.
  • Domain registrar configuration popup now uses “password” form field type where appropriate.
  • ‘Manage Coupons’ link now moved under Order Manager heading in Setup & Admin main menu.
  • Fixed issue with backend logging that was breaking USAepay integration.
  • Quote emails to clients now properly translate.
  • Quote signature page now properly translated.
  • Authentication role assignment now works with long group names in LDAP integration.
  • Fixed a bug where welcome letters were not being properly translated.
  • Going to the signature page of a canceled quote no longer returns a fatal error.
  • Timestamp for an order action now recorded immediately up completion.
  • Ticket_list API now supports outputting custom ticket data field values.
  • ##lang_id## variable now supported in quote related emails.
  • Clickable links now properly supported in quote PDFs.
  • device.module_graph should take in module_name for the param module_id
  • Undefined index causing php notice in updatedb.php
  • device_modules table needs the priority column for cPanel Host upgrades to work
  • Adding a service note now shows proper success message.
  • Location Details in Device Manager results in Invalid URL construction