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Ubersmith’s New Integration with QuickBooks Online Helps Improve Subscription Business Performance and Forecasting

By June 10, 2019June 27th, 2022No Comments

New 4.4 version of Ubersmith improves visibility on recurring revenues to help customers optimize operations
New features and integrations help customers better manage and grow their businesses

NEW YORK, June 10, 2019 – Ubersmith, an INAP (NASDAQ: INAP) company and a global leader in subscription business management software for the cloud, today announced a new 4.4 version of its product enabling customers to optimize their business operations with a QuickBooks Online integration and a recurring revenue report that helps provide greater understanding of revenue streams. Additional enhancements span OnApp cloud management, credit card processing, security and more.

“While customers can use any accounting system with Ubersmith, we’re pleased to now directly support QuickBooks Online along with QuickBooks Desktop, which we’ve supported for years,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith. “Adding more detailed financial reporting metrics as well will provide our current and future customers with better visibility into company finances for their subscription-based products and services while helping them do more sophisticated analysis and make better forecasts going forward.”

“As longtime users of both Ubersmith and QuickBooks Online, this integration will be a huge time saver for us and make us more efficient in maintaining information about our customer accounts and financial data,” said Will Gibson, president of Vergent Communications in Dallas, which provides nationwide telecommunications and cloud services to small- and medium-sized businesses. “We look forward to taking advantage of this new capability in Ubersmith.”

What’s New in 4.4

The Client Manager adds integration with QuickBooks Online enabling data about clients, service plans, invoices, payments, refunds and credits to be exported to QuickBooks Online. Those are automatically kept up to date in QuickBooks when updates are made in the Ubersmith software. Tax rate information kept in Ubersmith is also exported to QuickBooks Online to facilitate reporting on tax payments.

A Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) report is added to the Reports Manager that helps customers understand the past, current, and future growth of their subscription-based business by displaying period‑over‑period revenue, along with other key metrics such as new business, expansion, contraction, churn, gross MRR, net MRR, and net growth. Access to reports, like other functions in the Ubersmith software, are governed by rules assigning access to specific users.

The new version adds integration with OnApp 6 via Ubersmith’s plug-in framework. OnApp is used to provision infrastructure and that information gets shared with Ubersmith for billing. The OnApp plug-in is the first Ubersmith plug-in to be made available as open source software on GitHub, which enables other customers and software developers to customize according to their specific needs.

The Client Manager credit card processing is more configurable so that users can determine a specific number of times to retry failed charges, and in the event of a ‘hard decline’ for a credit card that has been cancelled, for example, the retries will stop automatically.

Security is enhanced by requiring a user who changes their email to re-authenticate, which helps prevent hijacking of user credentials.

The Order Manager adds an option to use automated clearing house (ACH) accounts for signed price quotes, in addition to existing choices to process by credit card, PayPal or check/wire transfer.

The Device Manager adds support for SNMPv3 in order to track server metrics, and for port types where speed cannot be detected, the maximum bandwidth now defaults to 100 Gbps (gigabits per second).

Live Webinar

Ubersmith is hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 13 at 2 pm Eastern Time that will include an overview of key version 4.4 features and a demonstration of QuickBooks.

About Ubersmith

Ubersmith, an INAP (NASDAQ: INAP) company, is the leader in subscription business management software for the cloud and beyond. The company’s software of billing, quoting, order management, infrastructure and ticketing solutions is integrated, open and scalable. More than 100 companies across six continents rely on Ubersmith to better serve their customers and run their businesses.