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Ubersmith CEO to present at Edge Global Congress

By October 16, 2019June 27th, 2022No Comments

Preparing for Edge Computing: The Next Great Frontier
Seizing the opportunity in transition to edge computing

NEW YORK, October 16, 2019 – With the current trend to cloud computing and move away from massive, centralized on-premise data centers, a profound shift is just getting underway to the next phase of “edge computing.” Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith, will speak about the challenges and opportunities that edge computing brings to provisioning of computing resources, along with billing for use and services, at Edge Global Congress in Austin on November 6.

“Service Provisioning and Billing at the Edge” will look at this emerging trend with advice on how to seize on the opportunity coming in the transition to edge computing. Ubersmith, an INAP (NASDAQ: INAP) company, is the leader in subscription business management software for the cloud and beyond.

“We’re in the midst of the transition from on-premise data centers to cloud computing which is still gaining steam and next will be edge computing, which is already in its early stages,” said Kurt Daniel. “These changes result in fundamental differences in how computing resources are delivered and paid for – from capital expenses to operating expenses – and from fixed billing for hardware and software to usage-based billing for outsourced services.”

The event takes place in Austin on November 6 at the Fair Market event space.

“Edge will respond to and reduce the latency of the volume of data generated over the next four or five years which will be much, much greater than previously imagined, connecting things everywhere,” said Philip Low, chairman of BroadGroup. “This second annual forum offers players engaged in Edge to identify investment signals, dig deep into the many new layers of opportunity – and do deals.”

The Edge Global Congress addresses the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in implementing edge computing services and networks with an informative, engaging program led by visionary thought leaders.

About Ubersmith

Ubersmith, an INAP (NASDAQ: INAP) company, is the leader in subscription management software for the cloud and beyond. The company’s billing, quoting, order management, infrastructure and ticketing solutions are integrated, open and scalable. More than 100 companies across six continents rely on Ubersmith to better serve their customers and run their businesses.