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Simplifying Cloud Sustainability

By April 4, 2024No Comments

Users of leading cloud services, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, have access to comprehensive solutions for tracking their carbon footprint. These platforms offer valuable tools for businesses to assess and manage their environmental impact effectively, meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Beyond just looking at online dashboards, you can also get this carbon footprint information through programming interfaces (APIs) provided by these cloud services. Azure offers a preview API, Google suggests using their BigQuery Data Transfer product, and AWS has an open source Python library. Accessing this data programmatically allows users to integrate the data into third party reporting systems or to automate compliance or regulatory tasks. This data could also be included in Ubersmith’s Device Manager dashboard, ensuring that sustainability remains a daily consideration rather than just an annual report requirement.

We welcome feedback and ideas from our clients, seeing it as a key part of our dedication to always improving and being environmentally responsible. At Ubersmith, we believe that our journey towards greater sustainability is not just our own, but a shared venture with our clients.

Do you see this feature as a valuable addition? Let us know. Your insights will directly influence our steps towards enhancing our commitment to environmental responsibility and service improvement.

For more details, you can visit:

AWS: AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool
Azure: Emissions Impact Dashboard
Google Cloud: Carbon Footprint

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