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Version 4.5.5

By October 6, 2020September 14th, 2021No Comments



  • Upgraded to jQuery 3.5.1
  • Fixed a bug where TOTP 2FA login method caused a redirect loop when a custom login username was set for a client or contact

Client Manager

  • Fixed an issue with Usage Plan services with more than one prorated period only invoicing the usage of the 1st prorated period
  • Fixed a bug with both Authorize.Net gateways which caused prices with more than 2 decimal places to be sent to Authorize.Net, causing transactions to fail with an E00003 error
  • Fixed an issue preventing custom invoices from being displayed correctly
  • Fixed a bug with PayPal Billing Agreement not allowing payments with decimal values to complete successfully in some locales
  • Fixed a bug which could allow deleting payment methods from other accounts
  • Fixed Vantiv/WorldPay/Litle integration not passing the country parameter to the gateway

Support Manager

  • Fixed a bug allowing HTML to be injected into a ticket’s subject in certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug where a primary contact could send a ticket follow-up under another client’s contact name, but only under the primary contact’s own tickets

Plugins & API

  • Fixed some API documentation PDF formatting issues
  • Fixed a bug causing calls to device.module_graph API method to fail
  • Fixed order.create API method ignoring the brand_id parameter