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Cloud and Hosting


Phoenix, AZ

Use Case:

Automation and Billing

How we helped

12.5% Time savings

Being able to generate advanced custom reports has saved the company time and money

25% Reduction In Accounting Lookups

Immediate access to critical billing information has allowed the company to increase efficiency

Better Inventory Tracking

With Ubersmith‘s order system, the company can better track inventory across the board

Flexible Payment Options

Advanced billing features in the software allow PhoenixNAP to provide flexible payment options to its customers


PhoenixNAP is a global IT services provider offering progressive Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions from locations worldwide. The company provides bare metal server, cloud, hardware leasing, and colocation options that are built to meet the evolving technology demands businesses require without sacrificing performance. They offer scalable OpEx solutions to support with the systems and staff to assist.

“Today, phoenixNAP can bring a customer online within hours which is due to our automated workflows. We have been able to deliver 200 bare metal servers within 24 hours to serve customer needs. Without automating the customer on-boarding workflow and associated billing processes, we could never have sustained those rates.“


The Challenge

PhoenixNAP serves a diverse customer mix of medium-size enterprises with revenue up to $500 million and hundreds of employees, as well as small-size businesses that outsource their IT operations to phoenixNAP. As a result of its customers’ diverse needs and technology evolving over time, PhoenixNAP had to quickly expand its product offerings from the colocation services of the early days to dedicated bare metal servers and into cloud services built on VMware technology. PhoenixNAP needed a robust business management system that could handle its diverse customers needs while providing a secure environment for their data.

The Solution

At the inception of the company in 2009, PhoenixNAP selected Ubersmith’s software business management software because of the software’s reputation for reliability, security, and robustness. PhoenixNAP knew from the start that they needed a strong system in place automating as much as possible to support their business and projected growth while at the same time helping to control cost. In its early days, PhoenixNAP was doubling its customer base every year. In more recent years, as the customer base grew, the number of customers increased an average of 20% annually. Ubersmith was the perfect solution to be able to support and maintain such ambitious growth numbers.

The Results

Today, the majority of the company, which has grown to over 250 employees, uses the Ubersmith product in their day-to-day operations. Whether it’s billing practices or IT operations, automation plays a key role in PhoenixNAP’s promise to deliver superior customer service and great value.

The company has experienced a reduction in accounting lookups by 25% across the board. With Ubersmith, not only is all of the information available immediately but custom fields can also be created for better tagging. The ability to generate advanced reports has saved the company’s staff over 5 hours per week since there is no need to generate labor intensive manual reports. This translates into a 12.5% time savings per accounting personnel.

PhoenixNAP also uses Ubersmith to track inventory in its order system and improve response times. In addition, the advanced software allows PhoenixNAP to deliver affordable monthly payment options as well as allowing the company to maintain its strong up-time record so that its customers can surpass their technical, security, business, and financial goals.