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Data Center and Colocation


Cheyenne, Wyoming

Use Case:

Better Customer Experience, Lower TCO

How we helped

50% Decrease In Order Processing Time

Time savings due to automation and digitisation of processes

Increased Transparency And Visibility

Client access to support tickets and orders

Comprehensive Account Management

Engages teams across the entire country

Flexible System

Allows system to be customized

Scalable Solution

Grows and evolves with the company


Established in 2007, Case Studies – Lunavi is a leader in cloud hosting, colocation, hybrid IT, and managed services. The company’s mission is to deliver high performance, custom technology infrastructure solutions to customers from the most environmentally, operationally, and capitally efficient data centers in the country.

“Ubersmith is at the core of Avalo Networks. Our entire business runs on it, and Ubersmith has allowed our company to do a lot more without having to add more resources. The product has allowed us to easily manage a scalable cloud infrastructure and has contributed to our continued growth.”

Alex SkaaleradPresident

The Challenge

In 2009, Case Studies – Lunavi was a young company experiencing explosive growth. Due to this, the company was facing the challenge of scaling its business and at the same time meeting its customers’ needs. Case Studies – Lunavi needed to be able to track sales orders, service usage, and billing in a seamless way. The process they were using was cumbersome. Paperwork needed to be manually correlated with current systems such as Salesforce and QuickBooks.

The cost of such a chaotic system was felt throughout the organization. Hours could easily be spent fixing an error – not to mention the sub-optimal customer experience. The impact to overhead cost as well as people hours was enormous – especially for billing.

The Solution

Case Studies – Lunavi needed a business management software software that was scalable, integrated, and open. Ubersmith was the first solution that offered them a unified system that would grow with their business. It had the full functionality that Case Studies – Lunavi was looking for – subscription usage billing, sales quotes, provisioning, and support ticketing. The comprehensive nature of the Ubersmith product meant that teams throughout the company were actively engaged and focused on customer success – from sales to client services to engineering.

As time has gone by, the services and products Case Studies – Lunavi offers have evolved. Ubersmith has been flexible enough to change with the company and meet their needs.

The Results

The integrated nature of the Ubersmith product allowed Case Studies – Lunavi to save significant time, money, and resources. In particular, by automating the entire process, the company saw a 50% decrease in the time it took to quote and process an order – directly impacting the bottom line.

The company prides itself on delivering its trademark Hear from a Human, high-touch, personal service to its customers. The Ubersmith product allows Case Studies – Lunavi’s customer base access to a client portal which contains a customer’s orders and help desk tickets. This added transparency is key in helping Case Studies – Lunavi deliver on its brand promise.

Moreover, there is an increased cost savings in having a consolidated system that guides Case Studies – Lunavi employees through all stages of the customer lifecycle.