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Community Energy Addresses Climate Change, Offers Clean Energy Options with Ubersmith Business Management Software

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Able to offer competitive rates with Ubersmith helping to manage billings
Streamlines billing and payments for maximum efficiency

NEW YORK, February 25, 2020 – Community Energy has been addressing climate change with cutting-edge innovation for over 20 years connecting customers to renewable power and working with utilities, companies and municipalities to adopt clean, renewable energy technologies for their operations. The company delivers clean electricity to its customers at competitive rates. That requires careful expense management.

To enable its accounting and customer support teams to function at optimal levels, Community Energy relies on Ubersmith business management software, and its comprehensive reporting capabilities, to deliver the highest-level of customer lifecycle management. Ubersmith is a global leader in subscription business management software. The comprehensive reporting and statistics capabilities found in the Ubersmith software give insight into all aspects of Community Energy customer’s billing and usage with dozens of essential built-in reports.

Ubersmith’s automated billing function helps save time and money. In particular, recurring invoice and payment automation enables the accounting department to work with maximum efficiency and frees up time so that its efforts and resources can be dedicated where they are needed the most. In addition, Ubersmith integrations with industry-leading payment partners make it convenient for Community Energy’s customers to manage and pay their invoices.

The company developed and built some of the first wind power facilities in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Illinois and Missouri with the support of local communities. It was the first to expand wind power beyond extreme regions in the east with projects in moderate western wind regions.

From there, Community Energy entered solar energy and led the development of scaled-up solar nationally, developing the first utility-scale solar projects in Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota and Virginia.

As the company expanded with some of the country’s largest solar projects, Community Energy implemented the Ubersmith business management system, which is flexible and customizable to meet the unique billing needs of all constituents and helps Community Energy provide the highest quality of customer services.

“We’ve used Ubersmith for years and expanded both the number of people at our company that have access to the software, as well as the product features within the suite,” said Jay Carlis, executive vice president, Community Energy. “The Ubersmith product has adapted with our needs and proven highly extensible to evolve with our growth.”

The long history of Community Energy, relative to other players in renewable energy, represents the company’s integrity, depth of development experience and proven ability to offer the financial stability necessary to deliver renewable energy systems that meet customer, financing and community requirements.

“This is a perfect example of how the Ubersmith software can be applied at any type of recurring payments business to help optimize operations,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith. “It’s gratifying to be part of the next chapter of energy innovation delivering clean sustainable technology.”

Community Energy has been formally recognized by several governmental entities for its leadership in moving America towards a carbon-free energy future, including the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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