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Version 4.1

By June 6, 2017October 26th, 2020No Comments



  • Redesigned various sections (Support, Orders, and Reports) to no longer use HTML frames
  • Passwords now require a logged action to be displayed on various pages (service detail page, order view page, control panel account manager service module). Those passwords are now also stored encrypted.
  • Adjusted the size and positioning of the login logo

Client Manager

  • New framework for usage-based billing: Usage Plans and Usage Collectors
  • Added credit card token support to Stripe payment gateway
  • Automatically use a service’s assigned location’s facility zip code as SureTax’s P2P zip code, if available
  • Added tax engine and SureTax-related advanced search criteria for services
  • Added support for specifying a client’s tax numbers
  • When present and appropriate, a client’s tax numbers are now displayed on invoices
  • Added tax engine and SureTax-related advanced search criteria for service plans
  • Added SureTax calls when issuing refunds
  • Removed obsolete OnApp Resources and Reseller Billing service modules
  • Added support for specifying alternate situs rule and transaction code based on the client being in a US or non-US country
  • Service price changes are now marked as “permanent” as a default
  • Format is now enforced for ZIP, ZIP+4, and Canadian postal codes in client profile
  • ZIP+4 codes are now passed correctly to all SureTax API calls when available

Support Manager

  • Added variables for various ticket properties (ID, subject, TTR, classification, priority and resolution) to email templates

Order Manager

  • Removed obsolete phone verification order modules no longer supported by various third parties (Varilogix, MaxMind Telephone Verification, MaxMind Telephone Number Identification)

Sales Manager

  • Added option to include a counter signature field on quotes/contracts


  • Removed the ledger event log report in favor of the new Account History report (see below)
  • New Account History report, which displays a ledger-type view of financial operations affecting a client’s balance


  • Added an API call to list a client’s Paypal subscriptions (client.paypal_subscription_list)
  • Added an API call to list racks by various filters (location, availability, etc.)
  • Removed the deprecated v1 REST API
  • Removed the deprecated XMLRPC API endpoint. If you are currently using the XMLRPC API endpoint, you will have to transition to the v2 REST API
  • Contact password should not be returned by client.contact_list API method
  • Removed the client.service_price_add, client.service_price_delete, client.service_price_get, client.service_price_list, and client.service_price_update API to support usage information
  • Adjusted API method uber.event_list to include the new ledger event log entries of the new Account History feature



  • Fixed hover sub-menus disappearing unpredictably, especially when zoomed in

Client Manager

  • Optimized CloudStack Billing service module to prevent timeouts while fetching usage data from CloudStack instances
  • Fixed a bug that would cause deactivated clients with contacts subscribed to notifications to still receive notifications
  • Improved error logging in daily invoicing cronjob
  • Fixed a bug in the Paypal IPN gateway that prevented the “invoice” field from being correctly handled

Device Manager

  • Fixed the link URL for the service association when viewing cage listing

Order Manager

  • Fixed a fatal error when processing the SolusVM Client Integration order module which prevented VMs from being created