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Announcing Ubersmith 4.2

By April 17, 2018June 27th, 2022No Comments

Ubersmith announced a new 4.2 version of its product that enables far greater customization of invoices, a plug-in system for integrating other software programs, plus an OnApp for vCenter integration, Stripe Checkout payments, and enhanced value-added tax (VAT) support.

“Now, there is much greater flexibility for customers to tune our business management system for their specific business requirements – such as the design and appearance of invoices, as well as integrating additional functions,” said Kurt Daniel, president of Ubersmith. “With increased adoption of subscription billing models that are core to their businesses, our customers need the capability to easily extend the Ubersmith software with other programs that complement ours and provide additional functionality.”

What’s New

Ubersmith’s integrated, modular software software for subscription billing, quoting, order management, infrastructure management and ticketing now includes invoice templates along with a built-in HTML editor for customizing format and layout. Invoices can pull specific billing and customer information that is stored in the Ubersmith software software.

The new plug-in system provides flexibility for extending and integrating the Ubersmith software with related software used to run businesses efficiently. An application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) enable customers and partners to more easily integrate other systems and programs with the Ubersmith software.

“We envision a catalogue of related software programs that are available as plug-ins that integrate with Ubersmith software and offer additional capabilities, providing our mutual customers with more choice,” continued Daniel. “This helps customers create powerful additional capabilities specifically aligned to support their businesses while creating opportunities for our partners to add value in new areas, all using a common platform.”

With this software update, the Ubersmith software now supports the latest version of OnApp and VMware vCenter so that billing is integrated. As OnApp is used to provision infrastructure, that information gets shared with Ubersmith for billing.

Plus, Ubersmith has added support for Stripe Checkout taking advantage of its built-in security while helping achieve greater compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). And now with improved support for VAT regulations, the VAT tax ID that is associated with clients is automatically applied to the invoice when the VAT is charged.

About the Product

Ubersmith’s software is used by SaaS, cloud, managed services, telco, ISP and data center providers and enterprises of all sizes. It helps organizations better serve their customers, shorten time-to-market, increase revenue and lower costs.

Ubersmith provides both a view for employees, which is fully customizable, along with a separate portal view accessed by customers for only their specific account information.

The software software is platform-independent and integrates with merchant providers, electronic payment processing providers, SureTax, QuickBooks, domain registrars and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) providers. In addition, Ubersmith offers integrations with cloud, virtualization, backup and other technologies and applications, including cPanel, OnApp, R1Soft and Virtuozzo.

The modular design of the business management software software enables customers to use the full complement of features, or select only the capabilities they need.

Availability and Pricing

The new version of Ubersmith is available as a free update to current customers licensed for versions 3.0 or later. For new customers, pricing starts at $500 per month with fees based on the number of users, clients and devices. Standard support is included, plus premium enterprise priority support is available, along with consulting and training services. Ubersmith also offers an unlimited usage, revenue-sharing model. Special pricing is available for education, non-profit and government organizations.

About Ubersmith
Ubersmith is a global leader in subscription business management software for organizations of all sizes. The company’s software of usage-based billing, quoting, order management, infrastructure management and help desk ticketing solutions is integrated, open and scalable. Hundreds of companies around the world rely on Ubersmith to better serve their customers, better run their businesses, shorten time-to-market and boost overall efficiency.