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Case Studies

365 Data Centers

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Managed IT Infrastructure Services


Parsippany, NJ

Use Case:

Increased automation and efficiency

How we helped

20% Savings in Cost

Improvements due to automation and being able to grow with current staff

Improved Efficiency With Bandwidth Billing

Elimination of manual recounts

Increased Revenue With Order Process Automation

Faster and easier order processing

Better Customer Experience

Able to manage the entire customer lifecycle from one interface

Upsell Opportunities

Ability to provide new services, such as device monitoring


365 Data Centers is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) delivering innovative IT solutions to businesses nationwide. Their comprehensive solutions include cloud computing, nationwide network connectivity, and secure data centers. 365 Data Centers’ CloudDirect Suite of customized, affordable, and reliable services enables customers to secure mission-critical data and operations, as well as complement their current IT infrastructure.

“Ubersmith is at the core of our business. Every person in our company uses the product – from customer support to sales to operations. The system has allowed us to expand and scale our business. In particular, the automation of usage-based billing has allowed us to grow while being able to keep internal costs down.“

James CornmanChief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

The Challenge

To increase their competitiveness in the marketplace, 365 Data Centers Communications knew that they had to increase operational efficiencies while at the same time keeping costs down. In their early days, the company had used a billing and customer tracking system they had developed in-house. Although the system worked adequately for those two functions, it lacked integration with other functions of the business, such as device management and trouble ticketing.

The company quickly realized that going back and forth between systems wasted time and resources – particularly when it involved manual management of devices and other critical operations. The lack of automation in the system was not only inefficient but had the potential to significantly impact the bottom line as the company grew.

The Solution

365 Data Centers Communications wanted a software system that was comprehensive, integrated, and scalable. They wanted to automate as many of their operational functions as possible.

Ubersmith was the clear choice that could offer 365 Data Centers Communications the integration, completeness, and automation they had been searching for all in one system.

The transition from their in-house system to the Ubersmith product required an overhaul of their current processes and procedures. This forced the company to identify operational gaps and improve the way that some of their business groups functioned.

The Results

The bandwidth billing automation capabilities the Ubersmith product offered were critical in improving efficiency at 365 Data Centers Communications. The highly automated Ubersmith solution enabled the company to eliminate manual recounts of data. More importantly, 365 Data Centers Communications could continue to grow without adding more staff – allowing the company to keep overhead costs down. With the automation the product provided, particularly in bandwidth billing, support ticketing and administration, the company easily saved at least 20% in overhead cost by reducing manual tasks.

Additionally, the automated ticket billing feature helped increase revenue by improving time tracking. Orders were processed more accurately and fulfilled more quickly, improving the customer experience while at the same time allowing the company to increase revenue much faster. In addition, 365 Data Centers Communications was able to upsell customers by providing device monitoring services through the Ubersmith interface.

Not only were they able to manage all the interdependencies within their business functions in one system, they were also able to manage the entire customer lifecycle. Over time, this allowed 365 Data Centers Communications to discover even more efficiencies they could leverage to impact the bottom line.